Posts from December 6, 2012

Towleroad Talking Points: A Marrying Savage


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Matthew Mitcham shows us his model face.  SAM GREISMAN A look back at today's top stories GAY NEWS Dan Savage and Terry Miller had their union officially recognized in Washington state today, along with many ot…

Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1262

REUNITED: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sing “I Think Might Like It.” WHOA: This device, made in 1890, sounds just like a bird. ‘ABHORS': Supreme Court Justice Scalia does not approve of the decision in the landmark free spee…

News: Tim Cook, Nick Gruber, Nevada, 279


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today defended Ambassador Rice from GOP-led attacks and again pushed aside speculation that she’ll run for the White House in 2016. “I’m frankly looking forward to returning to living a life that e…