Posts from January 13, 2013

Jodie Foster Comes Out At Golden Globe Awards: VIDEO


Finally, after years of avoiding any official confirmation, Jodie Foster just came out at the Golden Globe Awards. Receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for the many, many great films she has made over the past four decades, an obviously nervous Foste…

Illinois Business Leaders: Marriage Equality Makes Cents


The Chicago Tribune reports that more than 40 Illinois-based companies and their leading executives have penned an open letter making the economic case for marriage equality in the Land of Lincoln: "To be competitive, a state must create an equi…

In His Short Life, Aaron Swartz Refused To Be Categorized


The New York Times today has a very detailed, very well-written and very touching obituary for Aaron Swartz, the master coder who invented RSS, forever changing the way we use the internet, and who took his own life on Friday. Here is a snippet about…