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'Ender's Game' Boycott Group Says Lionsgate's Statement on Orson Scott Card Changes Nothing

Geeks Out, the group behind the planned boycott of Ender's Game, the film adaptation of the 1985 best-selling novel by outspoken homophobe Orson Scott Card, says it appreciates Lionsgate Entertainment's public rejection of Card's and NOM's anti-gay worldview, but that the boycott is still on.

Writes the group: Card

The simple fact is that Skip Ender’s Game has never been about the content of the novel or the film Ender’s Game. It’s about money. It’s about the money the company has already paid to Card and the potential millions he and the National Organization for Marriage stand to make off of the success of the film—our money.  

A benefit premiere, indeed any outreach to the LGBT community by Lionsgate, ought to be much appreciated. What’s clear is that whether or not they support his views, Lionsgate is standing by their man and their would-be blockbuster. They made the common, perhaps cynical, calculation that audiences wouldn’t connect Ender’s Game with Card’s very public homophobia—or wouldn’t care. Geeks OUT appreciates that most American families work for every dollar and care deeply about where that money goes and what it supports.  

Skip Ender's Game is not a threat; it is a reality. Our pledge adds hundreds of signatures every day from sci-fi fans around the world who would rather stay home than support homophobia. We have only just started and Geeks OUT and its allies are prepared to carry on past November 1. Nothing Card nor Lionsgate has said changes the fact that skipping Ender's Game is the easiest way to ensure none of your dollars go to Orson Scott Card's and the National Organization for Marriage's extreme anti-gay agenda.

See the Skip Ender's Game pledge HERE.

There are those in the LGBT community who oppose the boycott, like Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

The NYT adds: Black

Still, not every advocate of gay equality and same-sex marriage is convinced that turning away from “Ender’s Game,” which cost about $110 million to make, is the best way to counter Mr. Card.

“No way am I boycotting,” said Dustin Lance Black, who in 2009 won an Oscar for writing “Milk,” about the gay activist Harvey Milk, and who campaigned against California’s Proposition 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.

Speaking from London on Wednesday, Mr. Black — who, like Mr. Card, comes from a Mormon family — said he would rather engage with, than shut out, political and cultural adversaries. “We haven’t been getting the numbers we’ve seen by disengaging,” Mr. Black said, referring to a rise in public acceptance of same-sex marriage and other measures of gay equality.

Summit executives declined to be interviewed about the boycott call or Mr. Card’s involvement in the movie.

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Texas Senate Approves Controversial Abortion Bill


Just before midnight on Friday the Texas Senate, by a vote of 19 to 11, passed HB 2, the controversial abortion bill that has garnered the nation's attention over the past month, and sent it to the desk of Governor Rick Perry for his signature. The New York Times reports:

"The bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and hold abortion clinics to the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers, among other requirements. Its supporters say that the strengthened regulations for the structures and doctors will protect women’s health; opponents argue that the restrictions are actually intended to put financial pressure on the clinics that perform abortions and will force most of them to shut their doors."

Despite the bill's recent failure in a special legislative session held for the purpose to review and ultimately pass the bill, thanks to the filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis, Governor Perry made clear his intention to schedule another special session and the bill was widely expected to pass in the Republican controlled Senate. With that in mind, many Democrats attempted to amend the bill's more egregious elements but to no avail, as The Texas Tribune points out:

"Democrats offered 20 amendments, ranging from proposals to add exceptions to the bill's 20-week abortion ban for victims of rape and incest to requiring annual inspections of abortion facilities and allowing teen mothers to be excluded from a state law requiring parental consent for family planning services. All were rejected on party-line votes in a debate that lasted until nearly midnight on Friday."

State Senator Davis, who many speculate will seek her state's highest office in 2014's gubernatorial election, has vowed not to give up the fight:  

“We all believe in the beauty and the wonder of human life. The fight for the future of Texas is just beginning.”

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Sister of PM Kevin Rudd Wants Australia to Implement a Russia-Like Ban on 'Gay Propaganda'

Loree Rudd, the sister of newly-elected and second-time Australian PM Kevin Rudd, says she thinks Australia should introduce a ban on "gay propaganda" like Russia, which she just visisted, News Limited Network reports:

Rudd"It's like he (Putin) can see the problem ahead," Ms Rudd, 62, who has just returned from a visit to Russia, said.

"I think that there should be a law (in Australia) protecting children from the propaganda of homosexuality as normal. They're trying to build their family life and structure in Russia and people in the West don't seem to understand our family life and structures are breaking down. I guess the bottom line, if there's one thing I can say that can't be challenged, it's that society needs to protect its children as best they can."

You may recall that Loree Rudd quit the Australian Labor Party in 2011 over its support for marriage equality. Kevin Rudd came out for marriage equality earlier this year.

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Zach Wahls, Ella Robinson, and Other Kids with Gay Parents Speak Out in New Video: WATCH


A new video is out from the Family Equality Council for its program The Outspoken Generation, which empowers young adults with LGBT parents to speak out about their families. These kids are proof that so-called "family values" belong to everyone.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via tncrm)


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Adam Lambert Walks Away from RCA Contract After Label Demands 80's Covers Album

Adam Lambert has walked away from his contract with RCA records after the label demanded an 80's covers album, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

LambertThe singer is walking away from his RCA contract after two full length albums, 2012's Trespassing and 2009's For Your Entertainment, along with several EPs and a live collection -- all issued by the Sony Music label.

Lambert revealed the news in a letter to THR...In it, Lambert notes "the oft-cited 'creative differences'" as they related to his next project, stating: "my heart is simply not in doing a covers album." To the contrary, Lambert adds that he's "deep into writing new material with some very talented colleagues," which will surely delight his audience of diehards.

The "evolution" continues, he says. "This music is where my heart is." But it won't be at RCA, where a typical American Idol recording contract stipulates that the artist and the label be on the same page creatively.

THR has a full letter from Lambert.

It was recently revealed by creator Ryan Murphy that Lambert would be joining the cast of season five of Glee.

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The Greatest Shirtless Popsicle Ad of All Time: VIDEO


Why are Czech strawberry popsicles the best?

Because the fruit in them is harvested by the strongest workers:



Because their hunky truck drivers know where the milk showers are (wait for it):



Because, surprise:


Because the strawberries are gathered by happy, shiny, shirtless workers:


Who are sometimes shy and modest (see the guy on the left):


Because their cows love piano music:


Especially when it's accompanied by an outdoor shower scene with a bunny:


Because their milk is sweetened over the bodies of babe truck drivers:


Quickly, men, quickly:


It's time to dive in to the juicy red hole.


Followed by a group bath in chocolate?


Hey, at least we're all together:


Mmm, now that's a fantasy:


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And the FINAL masterpiece:

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