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Jennifer Saunders Confirms AbFab Movie on Jonathan Ross Show: VIDEO


Jennifer Saunders confirmed that an Absolutely Fabulous movie is in the works in an interview with UK host Jonathan Ross over the weekend.

"I have to do it now because I threatened to a lot and [Joanne Lumley] kept announcing it and said she's going to do it and then Dawn French said 'I bet a hundred thousand pounds that you don't write it' so now I have to write it...she's very clever."

Saunders also talks about her iPad game addiction, procrastination, writing, and how the gay community made AbFab a huge success, telling the story of when she and Lumley traveled to accept and award from an LGBT group dressed as Pats and Eddie.


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'Absolutely Fabulous' The Movie Is Real

Absolutely Fabulous Movie

A few days ago a fan-made mock-up poster made its way around the internet promoting an Absolutely Fabulous move due out in 2015. While the poster was a hoax, the move itself is not. Series creator Jennifer Saunders confirmed in an interview with UK morning show This Morning that, yes, AbFab will be coming to theaters. No release date has been set, but Saunders' co-star Joanna Lumley verified that a script is in the works, saying:

I think with a little bit of not-too-painful pressure [on Saunders], a little bit of vice-like grip and a Chinese burn on the arm, it’ll happen.

Marriage Equality, Law, and Politics: The Battles in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Maine


503_Marriage_Panel_LGBT_Center_9Oct2012 copyOn Tuesday night, I had the honor of speaking at the LGBT Community Center NYC. Along with a number of lions of gay advocacy -- Ryan Davis (second from left), Executive Director of Social Media Innovation at Blue State Digital and co-founder of TheFour2012.com; Lynn Faria (center), Interim Executive Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda; Nicole Bronzan (second from right), Communications Director of Freedom to Marry; and Brian Silva (far right), Executive Director of Marriage Equality USA -- I talked briefly about the status of the two major federal marriage cases and the practical intersection of politics and law.

That's a conversation worth having because the reason politics, society, and law matter to each other paves the path ahead for ultimate success in our quest for civil rights. Consider the following case study: If I believe that the courtroom has the inherent advantage of being divorced from politics, where lies, deceit, and a bright white smile can gloss over unrepentant evil, why did I support bringing the ballot initiative in Maine?

Mainers are among the residents of four states who will vote on the freedom to marry this November. In Maryland and Washington, they are voting on whether to retain the civil marriage laws passed by their respective state legislatures, defensive actions to uphold vanguard victories. In Minnesota, they are voting on whether to enshrine marriage discrimination into that state's constitution, a rearguard action. In Maine, voters are being asked to vote again on marriage at the ballot, where marriage equality was previously shot down. 

The Maine initiative makes sense because politics can move law. Law, after all, is not some ethereal concept that exists above and outside and prior to our existence; it is written, interpreted, and enforced by men and women, real people with real prejudices, real brains, real fears, and real places in the world. A ballot initiative in Maine in 2012 was the right thing to do at the right time because a favorable trend could give our incomparably hard work the extra boost it needs to win our first state-wide ballot measure. Once that happens, not only is our losing streak over as a practical matter, but our victories can encourage judges to make the right decisions. That means that every call you make, every dollar you donate, and every hour you spend volunteering to help win in at the ballot is also helping us win in the courtroom.


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'Ab Fab' Lights Up for the London 2012 Olympics: VIDEO


Who were the first runners to use London's new Olympics stadium? Pats and Eddy, of course.


(via homorazzi)

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Patsy Stone Meets Kate Moss in New 'Ab Fab' Clip: VIDEO


Absolutely Fabulous is returning for a Sport Relief special on the BBC this weekend. Kate Moss guest stars, and appears alongside Stella McCartney and model David Gandy in this new clip, in which Pats finds something in common with the supermodel.


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The New Ab Fab Special, In Full: VIDEO


From across the pond, here's the latest Ab Fab special, which has made its way to Vimeo.

Watch it while you can, AFTER THE JUMP...

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