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Sen. Marco Rubio Headlines Fundraiser for Anti-LGBT Arizona Group Advocating for 'Ex-gay' Conversion Therapy

Marco rubio

At Arizona Christian University Wednesday night, presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio held a fundraiser for the Center for Arizona Policy, which is widely known for its support of conversion therapy and for backing much of Arizona's conservative legislation, reports BuzzFeed.

The event was closed off to media however, a congressional staffer of Rep. Trent Franks attended the fundraiser and posted highlights from it including quotes from Rubio himself regarding abortion, gay marriage and entering an "era of moral relativism," on Twitter:

Rubio's quotes fall in line with the center's views on homosexuality, although the senator stated last month that he believes sexual preferences are something that "people are born with." However, Rubio did not openly reference or discuss the center's support of conversion therapy at the fundraiser; a spokesmen for Rubio declined to comment when asked if the senator agrees with group's idea that "homosexuals can modify their behavior and becoming heterosexual through Christian ministries and counseling."

Rubio recently reiterated that he believes same-sex marriage is not a constitutional right, calling the belief "ridiculous and absurd."

Dramatic Footage Shows Arizona Man Dragged by Car in Hit and Run After Altercation Involving Alleged Gay Slur: VIDEO


A dramatic altercation outside a Phoenix record store was caught on video Wednesday, with the victim claiming the situation escalated into a hit and run after he was called a gay slur.

24-year-old Justin Finch can be seen in the video getting slammed by a car in reverse. Finch is then pinned between the car and another vehicle before the car speeds off with Finch clinging onto the trunk.

Phoenix's Fox 10 reports:

FinchFinch says it all started as he was walking out of the record store.  He says the group called him a gay slur which led to a physical fight and he admits he slammed one of the guys to the ground.  Eventually, Finch says police stopped the car a half mile away.

Police ended up letting everyone go as no one wanted to press charges.

"They said it was a mutual thing, but I don't think it was a mutual thing because I didn't come at them, they came at me," explained Finch.

But those in the other group say Finch isn't the victim.

"I turned around to walk outside and he assaulted me, he picked me up and I started defending myself," said 16-year-old Orlando Munoz, who was one of the people inside the white car.  He was with his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend, who he says was driving.

Munoz's mother, Yvette, who is gay, says her son never used a gay slur and this was no hate crime.

"I think it's foolishness.. both parties should have walked away," she said.

The case is now being forwarded to the Phoenix unit that investigates hate crimes. Finch said he wants the people in the car to face charges.

Watch the video and a Fox 10 report on the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Scruff Posts Huge Gay Ad On Billboard Outside University Of Phoenix Stadium Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday


It looks like Scruff is appealing toward its “masc4masc” demographic as the dating/hookup app bought a billboard outside of University of Phoenix Stadium ahead of the Super Bowl and posted a 48-foot ad featuring two guys in a locker room sizing each other up with the slogan "Play On Our Team," reports Refinery29. A press release from Scruff explains why they bought the Super Bowl themed ad.

Said Scruff:

"At a time when professional NFL players like Michael Sam and Kwame Harris bravely come out to the world and some coaches admit to not wanting gay players on their teams, [Scruff]... is sending a message to the NFL — by putting up a Phoenix billboard advertisement that’s certain to start a conversation about perception and acceptance among both gay and straight sports fans."

Scruff's bold move to challenge the NFL on its homophobia may elicit homophobic criticism and condemnation from sports fans and players alike, that is if the scores of straight men pouring into the stadium on Sunday can even figure out what Scruff even is. 

Arizona Cardinals Video Director Rob Brakel Comes Out As Gay


Rob Brakel, video director for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, said the response has been overwhelmingly positive since he came out publicly as gay this week.

"Reception has been unreal," Brakel told Towleroad. "Couple players that know were awesome. The head coach, GM, and our owner Michael (Bidwill) have been nothing short of AMAZING. They have my back and are happy for me." 
But Brakel, who came out Wednesday in an interview with OutSports before the Cardinals' game against the St. Louis Rams on Thursday, also said that for him, the decision hasn't really sunk in yet.  
"Busy with game last night, flying back, went to bed at 4am and just woke up to phone going crazy," he told Towleroad on Friday. "I do need a few more hours of sleep but I have to get to work soon. In time I think it will be great for me." 
The Cardinals defeated the Rams and are atop the NFC at 11-3, adding to what Brakel called "the biggest year for me." 
Brakel, a 17-year veteran of NFL video crews, told OutSports he was inspired to come out publicly while reading gay MLS player Robbie Rogers'' book, "Coming Out To Play," on the team plane Wednesday. OutSports reports: 

"I don't care anymore," Brakel said from his hotel room, the shaking coming through his voice over the phone. "Everyone around me knows who I am. I'm a guy who will give the shirt off his back to help you. I'll do whatever I can to help people. And I've had enough." ... 

As Brakel read the book, the rest of the Cardinals filed past him on the plane. He knew some might look down and see his choice of reading material, but he didn't care. Not only was he engrossed in the story, many of them already knew or suspected he was gay.

Those who've known Brakel was gay include Cardinals head coach Bruce Ariens, to whom Brakel came out at the NFL combine as Michael Sam made his NFL debut earlier this year. And those who've suspected include star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who did "the gay math" on Brakel. 

Brakel acknowledged it's tough being gay around the NFL, and he's thought about quitting at times.

A Twitter search for "gay" and "Cardinals" over the last few days shows exactly Brakel and others are up against — and why it's so important for them to come out.

Christians Protest At 'Kill All Gays' Pastor Steven Anderson's Arizona Church - VIDEO

  Steven Anderson protest

About 100 people held a peaceful demonstration outside Steven Anderson’s Faithful Word Baptist Church yesterday morning to protest the “Christian” pastor’s announcement earlier this week that the only way to cure HIV/AIDS is to stone all gay people to death, reports AZ Central.

Earlier today we reported that when Anderson was taken to task for his comments by Phoenix TV station KPNX anchor Mark Curtis, the pastor compared gay people to ax murderers and Adolf Hitler, said that homosexuality is a “fallacy” and admitted he would reject his children if they were gay.

The protesters gathered before Anderson’s Sunday morning sermon carrying signs with messages including "Teach love not hate," "Jesus loves everybody", "Honk if you support love" and "AIDS is not a gay disease."

Anderson3While Reverend Jeffrey Dirrim gave communion to protesters, Rabbi Dean Shapiro of Temple Emanuel of Tempe read a prepared statement to the crowd:

"We deplore this pastor's hate speech and calls for violence, especially when these statements come from a man who purports to be a faith leader in our community and especially during this season when we long for peace, justice and reconciliation.”

Watching the demonstrators with members of his congregation, Anderson - who like many a wingnut before him appears to be revelling in the attention - said:

"A lot of businesses pay to have sign-wavers. I'm just glad people know we're here. I'm not ashamed of what I believe, I'll preach it from the housetops. And anybody who wants to read it can go to the Dollar Tree and pick up a Bible."

He added that although he does not condone violence, he strongly believes that homosexuality should be banned.

Watch a video of the protest, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Kill All Gays' Pastor Steven Anderson Compares Gay People To Ax Murderers, Hitler - VIDEO


An Arizona news anchor has challenged nasty anti-gay preacher Steve Anderson on his recent call for the stoning to death of all gay people, reports the Advocate.

Anderson, who has in the past wished for death by brain cancer for President Obama, gay people, and Michelangelo Signorile, told his followers in a World AIDS Day sermon that the best cure for HIV/AIDS is to kill all gay people. Anderson also told his congregation that “all homosexuals are pedophiles.”

In an interview with Phoenix TV station KPNX anchor Mark Curtis, Anderson refreshingly doesn’t claim to not hate gay people and refers to himself as a “religious zealot.”

Anderson, pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, claims that “according to the Bible, homosexuality is a capital crime."

He masterfully avoids Curtis’s question as to whether he would want one of his own children to die if they were gay, arguing that homosexuality is a “fallacy” because people only become gay when the reject god. He admits that if he did have a gay child he would reject them.

Anderson bizarrely compares gay people to Adolf Hitler and murderers:

“That’s like saying, what if your daughter, you know, grew up to be an ax murderer?” he says. “What if your son grew up to be like Adolf Hitler?”

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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