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Cristiano Ronaldo's Erection Has Now Been Immortalized in Bronze: VIDEO


The town of Funchal, Madeira in Portugal paid tribute to hometown hero Cristiano Ronaldo over the weekend by erecting a rather well-endowed, 8 foot bronze statue in his honor. 

No word yet on whether the statue was 100% proportional in the bulge department.

Watch a video of the statue's unveiling, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Outsports]

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Cristiano Ronaldo Strips Down for His Ice Bucket Challenge: VIDEO


The only thing that could make this better would be HD quality.


Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil Wayne are next, but a great article over at Slate is calling on people to take the "No Ice Bucket" challenge and just donate the money to charity.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Named 'Fittest Man Alive', Sues Over Underwear: PHOTOS


Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous Portuguese soccer player, has earned his way to the cover of Men's Health Magazine where he is dubbed to the "fittest man alive"...which more or less means he's the celebrity with the best six pack this month. The September issue of the magazine is filled with drool-worthy pictures of Ronaldo shirtless, and often just in his CR7 line of underwear.

Speaking of underwear...

The company behind Ronaldo's line of underwear, JBS Textile Group, is suing Rhode Island fitness enthusiast Christopher Renzi for infringing on their "CR7" trademark that was established in 2013, a full four years after Renzi registered the trademark in the U.S. in 2009. All of this because JBS has "imminent plans" to release their brand stateside and claim that Renzi is trying to capitalize on Ronaldo's fame. Unfortunately for JBS the way that trademarks and patents work is first come, first serve, not who propelled it to greater success, so it's unlikely their case will hold up.

In the meantime, you can check out more shots of his perfect physique, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Cristiano Ronaldo Takes a Beauty Break: PHOTO


The Portuguese footballer shared a bit of his post-World Cup beauty regimen to Instagram earlier today.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Nude Photo of Cristiano Ronaldo: VIDEO


Jimmy Kimmel had an eye-opening World Cup exclusive last night. The first nude photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and revealed that his bottom half is just as inhumanly beautiful as the top half.


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'Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay', Maradona a 'Maricon' Say Homophobic T-Shirts Targeting Football Stars


Just ahead of this summer's World Cup, which will take place in Brazil, an apparel company in that country has been selling homophobic t-shirts targeting some well-known soccer players.

Think Progress reports: Ronaldo

Though some of them are benign — one refers to Italian striker Mario Balotelli as a “loser” and another pokes fun at the French by reminding them that former star Zinedine Zidane is “over” — others are hardly so. One of the shirts says plainly that “C. Ronaldo is gay,” referring to Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. Another calls Argentina legend Diego Maradona a “maricon,” a slang Portuguese and Spanish term for “faggot.”

The t-shirts have apparently been selling well. They're currently sold out.

According to Caught Off Side, the designer, Sergio K, has denied any claims of homophobia.

Sergio K has attempted to defend his clothing line saying his shirts are “misunderstood” and that “this collection is in the irreverent vein of our brand.” He has also rejected accusations of homophobia stating “It’s not homophobic to me, homophobia is another story. The t-shirts don’t say attack them, and they do not incite violence.”

An online petition asking Sergio K to stop producing the t-shirts has been making the rounds on the Internet.


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