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California Cleaner Labels Man 'Buggerer', 'SODOMITE' After Losing Compensation Case: VIDEO


A California man locked in a battle for compensation with a local dry cleaner following damage to throw pillows says he has been on the receiving end of homophobic slurs and abusive language, reports Huffington Post.

Bugger_2When Byron Batista returned to North Hollywood's Rosali Cleaners last January to collect the pillows, he noticed one of them had been badly torn.

The owner - who identified herself as Rosali - refused to give Batista a refund and allegedly began screaming obscenities and slurs at him.

According to Batista, the woman “started saying, 'Fuck you, fuck you, fag’. That's when she took her middle finger and mimicked putting it up her butt."

He says he took the cleaners to court not for the $75 dollars refund but because he didn't want a homophobe to win.

CleanersHowever, he was shocked to discover that the compensation check was made out to Byron "the buggerer" Batista. When he complained to the judge, the cleaners wrote “SODOMITE” next to his name on a follow-up payment.

Batista said that he must now approach the judge again for help.  In the meantime, he wants to ensure that nobody else has to deal with the bigoted cleaners.  

"I don’t mind being targeted. I want the community to know that if they want leather cleaned, this is not the place to go."

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Ohio Bartender Writes 'FAGS' on Customer's Receipt, Goes Viral on Facebook: VIDEO


A receipt from the West End Tavern in Lakewood, Ohio is going viral on Facebook because Alissa Maugen (below), the bartender who issued it, replaced the name of the patron with the word "FAGS". The patron was a friend of hers, and posted the image to Facebook because he too, thought it was hilarious.

Maugen doesn't seem to think it's any big deal. Said Maugen to WSYX ABC 6: "I understand it's a very sensitive thing but it wasn't meant to be offensive toward anybody."

The bar has not commented on the incident, though the receipt has been posted to its Facebook page numerous times by irate users.

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Irish Metal Band Sickened By Use Of Their Music In ‘Vile’ ‘Kill The Faggot’ Game: VIDEO

Kill the faggot

The lead singer with Irish folk metal band Cruachan has spoken about his horror on learning that his music was used in Skaldic Games’ “Kill The Faggots” (KTF), reports The Journal.

Keith Fay explained that he and his girlfriend Rachel Lally contributed their voices to Skaldic’s The Shelter: A Survival Story. They have since asked for their work to be removed after discovering that KTF was due to be included within the game.

Legal proceedings will b issued towards @SkaldicGames if they try release anything using @CruachanClan @AphroditeSent

— Cruachan (@CruachanClan) May 6, 2015

1016949_697236500341190_7163047000310582610_nFay said he agreed to feature both himself and Cruachan in the game because it “looked really interesting and it sounded awesome to have your band’s music in the video game”.

However, on Monday Fay began getting messages on the band’s Facebook page asking about their connection to KTF.

“My younger brother, who is also my best friend, is gay”, said Fay. “My girlfriend Rachel has been campaigning for a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum. It’s just so vile, I can’t put it into words. I told them we’re out – they no longer have permission to use my voice, likeness, or [Cruachan] t-shirt...All that has to stop.”

It's just been brought to my attention that a game featuring my voice as well as my girlfriend Rachel Lally (also music...

Posted by Cruachan on Monday, 4 May 2015

Despite the game featuring such lines as “you want to chop my weiner?”, “I just dropped the soap”, “transgender kill”, “AIDS carrier eliminated” and “straight pride”, Skaldic has claimed that it is not homophobic:

“The reason behind this particular game is because of how tired I am of people being overly sensitive and how easily offended people are by every little thing, especially with LGBT issues…

“I didn’t make this game to attack LGBT people personally, and no I don’t hate gays and think they should be treated farily [sic], but I made this game just to piss off those people that are way too overly sensitive, which includes straight people...

“Of course we don’t endorse killing or murder of any kind. This game was not meant to be taken seriously.”

The company has refused to issue an apology.

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Vicious Mob Attack On Two Gay Teens No Longer Considered A Hate Crime: VIDEO

Jefferson atlanta

Atlanta police have decided that a violent group attack on two gay students will no longer be designated a hate crime, reports Daily News.

Four students were charged after allegedly participating in the attack on two gay teens at Carver School of Technology.

16-year-old Tim Jefferson said that he was leaving the school with his friend when classmates began shouting racial and homophobic slurs. He claims that one student jammed a screwdriver right next to his eye and that the school principal stood by and did nothing to help.

AttackCell phone video shows dozens of students huddled around during a “5-round fight with punches being thrown by as many as 20 students at one point.”

Jefferson’s mother said that he has been attacked about eight times this year because he is gay. She is transferring her son to another school because a student involved in the attack promised to shoot him if he returns.

A police report filed on Tuesday described the assault as two friends being jumped by a mob of 20 teens “because they were gay.” However, a spokeswoman said that video surveillance has changed the department’s take on the attack which is no longer considered a hate crime.

The school has declined to comment.

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Ed Sheeran Caught Rapping Homophobic Slurs in Pulled YouTube Video

Ed Sheeran

Well this is embarrassing. In 2011 Ed Sheeran got into a rap battle with rap artist Devlin outside a performance venue that was caught on tape, and some of Sheeran's language is...unfortunate. In the five minute video, Sheeran slings out lines like:

Yo, I freestyle to the faggoty man.
I go on the bus and I sleep for a day, then I come back and they’re like, Ed, you look like this gay.
These guys are safe they’re not gay mans.

The video on YouTube of the rap battle has been pulled, citing a copyright claim by Sheeran's label, Warner Music Group. Sheeran's spokesperson, meanwhile, has claimed,

Ed was sending up rappers who make homophobic remarks. He is clearly not ­homophobic.

While the veracity of that first statement is dubious, the second rings much more true. In 2013 Sheeran told off anti-gay protesters outside of Taylor Swift's concert in Kansas, tweeting,

To the people ­picketing outside the arena. Keep your homophobic views to yourself, it’s 2013.

Plus, last September he performed in Vegas with Macklemore with a new rendition of the very pro-gay song "Same Love". 

The story here seems to be one of a man unaware of how damaging his words can be, not unlike the recent dust-up with Trevor Noah. Gay charity Stonewall released a statement echoing this sentiment, saying,

Homophobic language is a real issue in Britain, and is endemic in our schools.
It’s important to think about the words you choose to use, as what some people see as ‘banter’ can have a ­negative and lasting effect.

Sheeran should absolutely be held accountable for his words, of course, but before the Internet Outrage Machine gets too revved up, it should recognize that this is less an instance of truly homophobic sentiment and more one of a careless man who managed to not so much stick his foot in his mouth as swallow it up to the knee.

Shocking 1975 Government Document States Marriage Cannot Exist ‘Between Two Faggots’: VIDEO


A 1975 letter from a district director of the Justice Department’s Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) told a gay couple that their marriage could not be recognized because they “failed to establish that a bona fide marital relationship can exist between two faggots," reports Buzzfeed.


The letter was in response to Richard Adams and Anthony Sullivan, one of the first same-sex couples in the U.S. to try to get their marriage recognized by the federal government. A clerk in Colorado married the couple and they tried to use the marriage so Australian native Sullivan could remain in the U.S.

Although the couple fought the INS decision, they were rejected by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court declined to hear their case. Sullivan’s challenge against deportation was rejected by the 9th Circuit in a decision by Judge Anthony Kennedy, now a Supreme Court justice.

Although Adams died in 2012, Sullivan has continued to keep their case and the issues behind it in the spotlight.

The government has since issued an apology written by León Rodriguez, director of INS successor the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which reads:

“This agency should never treat any individual with the disrespect shown toward you and Mr. ­Adams. You have my sincerest apology for the years of hurt caused by the deeply offensive and hateful language used in the November 24, 1975, decision and my deepest condolences on your loss.”

Watch a trailer for the documentary Limited Partnership which examines the case, AFTER THE JUMP...

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