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GOP Senate Candidate From Oregon To Run Pro-Marriage Equality Ad: VIDEO


Monica Wehby (above left) is proving to be a rare bird in the GOP senate race. The Oregon candidate, battling against incumbent Jeff Merkley (D), is set to air a television ad touting her pro-gay marriage stance. Not only is her position surprising, but the ad also stars one of the plaintiffs from the case which struck down Oregon's ban, Ben West (above right).

Mediaite reports:

“Marrying my husband was the happiest day of my life,” West says in the ad. “I was proud of Oregon and our country. But there’s a lot of work left to do. Whether it’s standing up for equality or for the unemployed or for the next generation, we need leaders who have the courage to do what’s right. That’s why I support Monica Wehby. I know she’ll fight for every Oregon family, including mine.”

Kudos to Wehby! The probability of her winning the race is slim as she currently trails Merkley in the polls by 13 points, but the blatantly supportive message is admirable to say the least.

Check out the campaign ad, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Senate Resolution Will Call on International Olympic Committee to Denounce Russian Anti-Gay Law

MerkleySenator Jeff Merkley will introduce a Senate resolution urging the International Olympic Committee to denounce Russia's anti-gay laws and demand guarantees that it won't be enforced during the Sochi Games, Buzzfeed reports:

The resolution will ask the IOC both to oppose the law itself and to receive a guarantee that athletes and spectators will not be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Merkley spokesman Jamal Raad said. The language is still being finalized, however, and he said the resolution will not be introduced formally until the Senate returns from its August recess.

The resolution would be the Senate’s first formal statement regarding the Russian law, which was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in June.

For all our updates on the Sochi Olympics and the controversy surrounding gay athletes and the 2014 games, click HERE.

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Jeff Merkley In Talks With Key Republicans to Support ENDA

Michelangelo Signorile writes in the Huffington Post:

Jeff_merkleyPointing to the dramatically-changed political climate on marriage equality and LGBT issues, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley (Ore.) said yesterday that he’s been having talks with key Republicans in the Senate about supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and which he reintroduced in the Senate on Thursday.

Said Merkley about his talks with those GOP senators:

"I can tell you I’ve sat down with a number of Republicans who have not come out publicly yet. They’re still mulling over what they’re going to do, but I think there’s a very good chance they’re going to be supporting this bill. Whether that comes in a co-sponsorship or an affirmative vote when we are on the floor is yet to be seen. But I think that our numbers will be increasing both in sponsorship and in a floor vote than where we would have been had we had a floor vote even two years ago or four years ago."

Sounds promising.

Watch a HuffPo video interview with Signorile on the topic and also listen to his radio interview with Merkley, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Watch: Trans Retired U.S. Army Col. Diane Schroer on ENDA


Although there were no transgender witnesses at yesterday's ENDA hearings, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) made sure transgender voices were heard. Retired U.S. Army Col. Diane Schroer and Earline Budd spoke at a press conference before the ENDA hearings yesterday. Officer Mike Carney spoke as well.


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