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Josh Brolin Shows His Smooth Chest and Nips to Jon Stewart: VIDEO


I know I've posted one Daily Show clip already but how could I let a brief exchange betwen Jon Stewart and Josh Brolin referencing Bear culture get away?

STEWART: "We're just two wolves, two alpha males. No one alpha male. And one labrador retriever. And we're just sniffing each other's butts a little. This is our first time. The next time you get to talk.

BROLIN: You backed off, you backed off. See I saw the hair on your fingers, I thought 'he is more of a man than I am'.

STEWART: No, I'm more of an otter than you. You're not a hirsute gentleman, because I thought...

BROLIN: A hir-sute what's that?

STEWART: Like a hairy...

BROLIN: Do you want to see?


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Oscar Producer Explains Cut-Away from Brolin - Bardem Kiss: 'No One Knew It Was Coming'


Academy Award telecast co-producer Bruce Cohen, who is gay, explains ABC's cut-away from the kiss and dance between Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin to AfterElton:

"It [the dance and the kiss] was unscripted, and the plan in the truck was always to cut to Penelope in the audience applauding Josh's and Javier’s introduction, so that is what happened, just as they were starting to dance. Josh and Javier’s moment (I saw them start to dance, but, to be honest, I have no idea if they kissed — that’s the first I’ve heard of that) would have made a great TV moment, but since no one knew it was coming, we cut to the gorgeous Mz. Cruz as planned. By the time we cut back from her close-up, James and Javier were walking to the podium."

I know Bruce, and he's a good guy, but I'm not sure I buy his explanation.

Did Oscar Producers Get 'Gay Panic' When Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem Kissed During the Telecast? [tr]

Did Oscar Producers Get 'Gay Panic' When Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem Kissed During the Telecast?


Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem exchanged a playful kiss and danced at the Oscars but viewers never saw the kiss and producers quickly cut away from the dance, which is a shame because the producers clearly needed something in the telecast that was entertaining.

AfterElton's Michael Jensen wonders why it was censored:

"Viewers saw the two men walk out onto stage where they engaged in an apparently impromptu dance, though viewers only saw a flash of that before the camera jumped to an extended shot of Penelope Cruz...So why the cut away? On one hand, it seems unlikely that ABC would find a kiss between Bardem and Brolin to be something needing to be censored. After all, back in 2006, the Oscar telecast included a Brokeback Mountain spoof featuring Jon Stewart and George Clooney in bed. On the other hand, the cutaway to Cruz seemed awkward and clearly lasted until the two men had stopped dancing. Frankly, it's hard not to wonder if it might not have something to do with the Adam Lambert imbroglio from the American Music Awards."

ABC told AfterElton it would have no comment on the issue.

FLASHBACK: Brolin and Bardem have a tradition of getting affectionate and playful on Oscar night.

(dance photo source, kiss photo source)


Josh Brolin Covers Vman


Josh Brolin covers the forthcoming issue of Vman, which appears to be taking a look at something other than the young skinny twink.

Josh Brolin on Playing Dan White in Milk


In the New York Times 'T' fashion magazine out this weekend, Josh Brolin discusses his movie roles in one of Lynn Hirschberg's 'Screen Tests'.

Brolin talks of playing Dan White in Milk: "To me, when I look at a character, what makes it interesting for me is: What’s the redeeming value of who the person is, and how far did they have to jump to do the awful thing that they’ve done? I’d heard the confession of Dan White, and a very revealing thing for me was, he kept saying — this was an hour and a half after after he killed Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. His fingertips were very hot. He remembers, from one shooting to the other, from walking across the City Hall, from Moscone's office to Harvey's office,  that his fingertips were, uh, hot. I thought that was an interesting thing...I don’t like killing, as an actor. When I shot Sean Penn’s character in 'Milk,' there was a lot of joking going on at the moment because we couldn’t deal with the intensity of it. I would much rather be the person dying than the person killing."

Check out Brolin's "T" magazine cover shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Milk a Contender as Oscar Nominations are Announced


The team who made Milk is likely celebrating this morning, as the film, which was pretty much snubbed by the Hollywood Foreign Press, just received eight Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor for Sean Penn, Best Supporting Actor for Josh Brolin, Best Screenplay and Best Director. It also received nods for Best Editing, Best Costume Design, and Best Original Score.

I have the full list up, AFTER THE JUMP...

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