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NBC Straightwashes Its John Constantine


2005’s Constantine, directed by Francis Lewis, was essentially an excuse to watch Keanu Reeves smoulder on screen and Tilda Swinton rock a pair of post-modern angel wings. Constantine, which was based on Vertigo Comics’s Hellblazer series, was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. The movie bore little resemblance to the source material other its characters’ names. John Constantine was no longer blonde, English, charming, or apparently bisexual the way he’d been on the pages of Hellblazer.

Late last year Deadline reported that NBC had greenlit a Constantine reboot for its fall lineup. As casting announcements were made and promotional footage released, fans of the comics were left wondering if this incarnation of the supernatural antihero would be truer to its roots.

M3ywffzyvmwu7jzedbenDaniel Cerone, executive producer for NBC’s Constantine, set the record straight this past Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s press junket. One of the more interesting things about the Hellblazer series was that its characters aged in real time over the book’s 30 year run. Bisexual as Constantine may have been, the bulk of his love interests were women.

“[T]here might have been one or two issues where he’s seen getting out of bed with a man.” Cerone explained, musing about future developments for the character. “So [maybe] 20 years from now? But there are no immediate plans.”

Unlike his love of cigarettes, Constantine’s sexuality was never exactly an ancillary aspect of his character. But it wasn’t something that the character himself, and his writers by extension, ever outright dismissed or retconned. Charlie Jane Anders of io9 agrees that the NBC’s decision to tone down Constantine’s smoking is a little more egregious, but felt as if the network definitely missed an opportunity:

I didn't mean to skate over this issue quite so glibly — blame deadlines and pre-Comic-Con phone calls. I do think erasing queer people from pop culture is a shitty thing to do, and we desperately need more pop culture that represents the whole range of human sexuality. And it really wouldn't have cost much for them to include an aside about ex-boyfriends along with ex-girlfriends. At the same time, to me the most important aspect of John Constantine is not who he fucks, but who he fucks over.  

A Pew study published last June reported that bisexually identified individuals composed the largest percentage of their survey sample that included gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgendered people. Conversely, on average lesbians and gays reported being far more open with friends and family about their sexual orientation than their bisexual counterparts.

One of the major challenges to combating what many queer people have identified as “bi-invisibility,” is finding opportunities to introduce bisexuals into the popular conscious. Calls to action for compulsory comings out for bisexuals are neither moral nor realistic, but programming like Constantine has the potential to push that conversation in the right direction.

Check out the promo for the new Constantine AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1271

KEANU AND DREW: A song from the 1986 classic Babes in Toyland.

TERRIBLE: Presenting part one of what is universally regarded as the worst movie ever made, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

'THAT'S A CHRISTMAS PRESENT': Better Off Dead translates strange American customs.

TWO SIMPLE WORDS: May your holiday be less stressful than John McClane's.

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David Geffen Never Owned a Cell Phone, Never Wed Keanu Reeves

He offers a rare interview at the Television Critics Association semiannual press tour as press for an upcoming American Masters documentary titled Inventing David Geffen.

GeffenThe Hollywood Reporter has a report:

Geffen, who is on tape suggesting "ego" isn't a "pejorative" term in his mind, insists he never saw himself as the smartest person in the room at any point during his career, revealing that he did poorly in school -- “I thought I was dumb,” he said -- and was fired from a number of early jobs coming out of high school. In fact, he said the only reason he had the confidence to go after a gig as a William Morris agent is because he believed it rewarded a different skill set, and one that he had: the ability to “bullshit on the phone.” Decades later, he’s enjoying his time away from the business – at 69, he said, he doesn’t “want a job” -- and noted that he’s content spending weeks at a time lost in books and newspapers. (Other Geffen facts: He’s never carried a cell phone, has never texted anyone and doesn’t own an ATM card.)

At THR, Geffen also discusses the movie and music industries, the newspaper business, DreamWorks, and "untrue" rumors:

If you’ve heard the one about Carly Simon suggesting her song “You’re So Vain” is about Geffen, he assures you it wasn’t. “Not that I’m not vain; I’m just not her vain,” he shrugged, adding that the one about him marrying Keanu Reeves – an actor he said he had never met at the time of the report -- was similarly untrue.

Movies: Buried with Ryan Reynolds, Crying with Julianne Moore

Pick up. Ryan needs you.

GuestbloggerNATHANIEL ROGERS trailers through fingers (too many spoilers) and waits impatiently for the feature. He blogs daily at the Film Experience.

Your Feature Presentation
Only vampires and dead people are meant to log hours in a coffin. Ryan Reynolds, playing an American truck driver working in Iraq, has the unenviable position of waking up in one in BURIED. He's got nasty bruises and a dim recollection of being jumped. In other words, he didn't put himself there. Soon his cel phone rings -- reception under ground? -- with a threatening Iraqi on the other end and he realizes how bad he truly has it and how little time he has to escape the coffin. Like Memento, which told its story backwards or Hitchcock's Rope and Sokurov's Russian Ark which used just one take (Hitchcock cheated a bit), Buried is a gimmick film. The gimmick here is that you're trapped inside the coffin with Ryan. Director Rodrigo Cortés and his team manage to switch up the dynamic several times throughout the film, through lighting, editing, sound and script reveals. If you're easily bored, the filmmakers will try to heal your condition. Just about the only trick they don't employ to keep your interest is nudity. (And with Ryan Reynolds right there, sweating it out for the whole film, that seems like such a waste.) If you're easily bored, the filmmakers offer preventive health care. If you're claustrophobic, they can't be responsible for that pre-existing condition.

The only significant misstep is one voice casting choice, the voice being so familiar (even if you have trouble placing it) that the eventual reveal is ruined since the actor always plays parts like that. Still, for a gimmick movie, this is remarkably well sustained at an hour and half. It'll keep you guessing.

Also Opening

Would you leave Shia Labeouf in charge of your investments?


Picture 8

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Movies: Kirk/Spock, Bernal/Luna, Jekyll/Hyde



Nathaniel Rogers is older than Penélope Cruz, younger than Nicole Kidman and has neither dated nor signed a contract with Tom Cruise. He blogs daily at The Film Experience.

Take One: Now Playing

This very site has done such a fine job covering OUTRAGE, the new documentary on closeted gay/anti-gay politicans, and LITTLE ASHES, the gay Dalí/Lorca romance that I don't have to. Which is fine by me since there are so many other double sides worth discussing this week. Take the Y Tu Mama Tambien pair, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, who reunite for RUDO Y CURSI They make a great duo, but sadly there's no makeout session this time. They play brothers. It's not that kind of movie (sigh). Gael does a fun music video (a little Madonna Don't Tell Me-ish) for it which you can see here. Tilda Swinton fans -- I hope that's you. If it's not, I don't even want to know ya --  will want to check out JULIA, in which she plays an alcoholic woman in way over her head in a kidnapping. But most of the attention everywhere this weekend will be going to STAR TREK which is a remarkably fun reboot of the 40something year old franchise. We didn't need an 11th Star Trek movie, but since we didn't need it, thank god it goes down so well with popcorn.

Take Two: Jump Cuts

Which previously subliminated inter-Starfleet relationship finally gets the big screen treatment?


The answer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Keanu Reeves Flaunts His Beard and Bod for Vogue Hommes


Keanu Reeves makes an appearance for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes International, photographed by Amanda de Cadenet.

More shots, AFTER THE JUMP...


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