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Crowd Cheers Gay Kiss Cam Moment at Dodger Stadium: VIDEO


It used to be that kiss cam operators would train their cameras on two presumably heterosexual men to try and get an 'icky' laugh out of stadium crowds (the practice was condemned by many, including Dodgers (then A's) pitcher Brandon McCarthy,) for being homophobic.

But there was no "ick factor" reaction from the crowd when it happened at a Dodgers game this week. It wasn't LGBT night either. That's June 19.

Watch (at 00:28 seconds), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Madonna Sucks Face with Drake at Coachella: VIDEO


Madonna has been known to punctuate her performances with a news-making kiss.

And the one she hoovered on Drake at Coachella is making news for its length, its intensity, and Drake's rather negative reaction.

Seems as though this has been in the wings for a while, though, given that he named a song for her and she has said that "the lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake — and only kiss him."



Madonna responded to the commotion over the kiss on Instagram:

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

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Man Kisses Horse and Horse Returns the Affection: VIDEO


This just may lead to man-horse marriage.


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'The Fosters' Features Same-Sex Kiss Between Two 13-Year-Olds, Possibly Youngest In US TV History: VIDEO


Last night's episode of ABC Family's The Fosters saw a same-sex kiss between thirteen-year-old boys Jude and Connor, which may be the youngest same-sex kiss ever to be seen on US television. Executive Producer and show creator Peter Paige (whom you may recall from Queer As Folk) tweeted about the kiss, the history it made and how the moment shared between Jude and Connor (or #Jonnor as their social media fans know them) captures the "exquisite torture" of falling for someone in Jr. High and not being sure if that love is unrequited or not:

#Jonnor fans were not shy in sharing their elation over the kiss. 

The tension between Jude and Connor had been building for sometime on the show, as BuzzFeed notes. Jude is one of five children that live with a lesbian couple that have built a family composed of five biological, adopted and foster children. Jude and Connor first grew close when Connor wore nail polish to school to show solidarity with Jude who had been bullied for painting his nails. 


Things got a little more intense when the two went on a camping trip, sharing a tent and doing something that was vaguely referred to by Jude as "something that was wrong...I guess." Then, the pair upped the cuteness factor by interlocking pinkies whilst watching a movie (flanked by girls, sadly).


But all of this became too much for poor love-stricken Jude who finally confronted Connor about what happened that night in the tent in the woods and everything that had been building since:

“You kissed me! Remember? In the tent? And then at the movie theatre you held my hand. And now all day you’ve been…I just… I don’t get this. I don’t get you.”

And then, Connor took matters into his own hands and the kiss happened. Watch for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Male Models Heat Up New York Fashion Week With Steamy Kiss: VIDEO


Guests at Moncler Grenoble's show at New York Fashion Week were treated to a special Valentine's Day treat: a same-sex make out session between two of the show's male models. 

The show took place on V Day and, as the The Wall Street Journal notes, was "a Valentine’s Day love fest" where all the show's models were paired up for an end of show smooch:

he Supreme’s “Baby Love” and other retro love tunes played in the background. A bride and a groom in a puffer dress and a tuxedo ended the show, along with their fellow models, as all love stories do: with a kiss.

Of course, our eyes weren't exactly focused on the bride and groom so much as they were on the two men overcoming the obstacle of some rather serious headgear to share a nice, long kiss.

Watch video of the full show, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Instinct Magazine]


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Gay Couple Makes History With Navy's First Man-on-Man Homecoming Kiss: VIDEO

Sawicki and Brier kiss

After a seven-month WestPac deployment, the USS San Francisco (SSN 711) submarine warship returned home to Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego yesterday. With every return comes the ceremonial "first kiss" of sailors disembarking from the vessel, and Monday's kiss was particularly notable as it was the first time ever a male same-sex couple was chosen. Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas Sawicki received nothing but support from his shipmates when the announcement was made that he had won the lottery, and while his boyfriend Shawn Brier was worried about screwing it up by falling into the water, the kiss went off without a hitch.

Watch an interview with the couple and peep one more picture of the kiss, AFTER THE JUMP...


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