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Billionaire GOP Donor David Koch on Supporting Candidates Who Oppose Gay Marriage: 'That's Their Problem' - VIDEO


David Koch, one-half of the billionaire Koch Borthers who have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into conservative causes and candidates over the years, sat down with Barbara Walters for her "10 Most Fascinating People of 2014" special and discussed his political philosophy - being a "conservative on economic matters" but a "social liberal."

When Walters brought up the fact that although Koch is pro-choice and backs gay marriage, many of the candidates he supports are not, Koch brushes it off saying "that's their problem" and that economic concerns are more important to him. 

You're right Koch, that is "their problem". But since those d-bags are in charge of making laws, it ends up being our problem too...

Watch a segment of the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...


I'm also including this screenshot of Babs since it's an accurate depiction of the shade my face was throwing while watching Koch talk too. 

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Michele Bachmann's 'Ex-Gay' Client Comes Out As Gay: 'In the End, My Sexuality is a Beautiful Gift from God'

The bad news keeps on coming for the ailing, harmful “ex-gay” movement.  

SchizzelFollowing a number of recent high profile announcements from former “ex-gay” activists attacking “conversion therapy” and a ban on the practice in Washington, D.C., Religion News Service is carrying an interview with “conversion therapy” survivor Christian Schizzel who lays bare his experiences with Janet Boynes Ministries and GOP nuts Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “counselling” services.

Christian “spent seven years being trotted around the country on media outlets as a poster boy for the ex-gay movement. Now, after reclaiming his gay identity, Christian says he won’t be a weapon anymore.”

To those still promoting the use of a harmful, hateful practice, Christian has this to say:

“I hope they realize this path leads to a horrid dead end. It’s harmful and excruciatingly painful. There’s no academic or spiritual basis for its promotion.

"I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, not even the ones who harmed me the most in this life.

"In the end, my sexuality is a beautiful gift from God,  and every day, I have found, I have to make a choice to honor it in the straight man’s world.”

Read the full interview here

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Bobby Jindal 'Prayer Guide' Blames Gays For Hurricane Katrina - VIDEO


Louisiana Governor and anti-gay “Christian” nutjob Bobby Jindal is claiming in material for a prayer rally to kick off his possible presidential run that Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters are the result of god’s anger at gay people, reports Right Wing Watch.

Last month, Jindal spoke at an anti-equality, "pro-family" event in Dallas. He has also given anti-gay Duck Dynasty star Phil Roberston an award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Jindal is set to kick off the potential presidential campaign in January with a stadium prayer rally organized by anti-gay groups and individuals including listed hate group the American Family Association.

It would appear that Jindal’s campaign is being closely modeled on Rick Perry’s disastrous 2012 run for president. Organizers are actually reusing material from Perry’s 2011 prayer rally in Texas that blame natural disasters on gay people, marriage equality, legal abortion and Internet pornography. 6a00d8341c730253ef01a511ba7967970c-800wi

The prayer guide for the rally also appears to be exactly the same as the guide distributed to participants in Perry’s 2011 event.  As Right Wing Watch points out, the materials have not “even been updated to include the increased number of states that are bringing God’s judgment on America by allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.”

The prayer guide includes the following nuggets of “Christian” wisdom:

“We have watched sin escalate to a proportion the nation has never seen before. We live in the first generation in which the wholesale murder of infants through abortion is not only accepted but protected by law. Homosexuality has been embraced as an alternative lifestyle. Same-sex marriage is legal in six states and Washington, D.C. Pornography is available on demand through the internet.

“Biblical signs of apostasy are before our very eyes. While the United States still claims to be a nation 'under God' it is obvious that we have greatly strayed from our foundations in Christianity.

“This year we have seen a dramatic increase in tornadoes that have taken the lives of many and crippled entire cities, such as Tuscaloosa, AL & Joplin, MO. And let us not forget that we are only six years from the tragic events of hurricane Katrina, which rendered the entire Gulf Coast powerless.”

Watch Jindal speak at this year's anti-gayathon GOP-backed Values Voter Summit, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Plano, Texas To Consider LGBT Protections Amid Fierce Opposition From Anti-Gay Groups, Lawmakers


The City Council in Plano, Texas, is set to consider an ordinance Monday night that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

The proposed ordinance would also prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination against city employees and by city contractors. Plano, a conservative suburb north of Dallas, is the ninth-largest city in Texas with approximately 270,000 people. 

Four Republican state representatives from Plano — Pat Fallon, Jodie Laubenberg, Jeff Leach and Matt Shaheen — have written a letter calling on the City Council to postpone consideration of the ordinance. 

"We do not believe there has been adequate time for the public and community leaders to be a part of the discussion of such a major, wide sweeping change in law and policy for Plano," the representatives wrote. "As husbands and wives with children, we have concerns that your sexual orientation and transgender ordinance may place women and children at risk and does not consider the moral or religious beliefs of Plano citizens or vendors who do business with the city. We see no need for such an ordinance given the fact that there are no state or local laws forbidding differences in sexual orientation or how Texans choose to dress." 

Although the ordinance would cover public accommodations, it provides an exception for "restrooms, shower facilities, locker rooms, dressing rooms or any similar facility." However, that hasn't stopped anti-LGBT groups including Texas Values and The Liberty Institute from campaigning against the ordinance.   

"The dangerous and divisive ordinance would give government new power to force private individuals and businesses to affirm homosexual conduct, 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' without consideration of the moral or religious beliefs of Plano citizens," Texas Values wrote in an email Monday urging people to attend the meeting and contact city council members. "Further, the ordinance does not specifically protect women and children against men using women’s bathrooms. There are serious concerns that this sexual orientation and transgender ordinance may place the women and children of Plano at risk."

Other Texas cities with similar laws include Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth and San Antonio. The Houston City Council passed an Equal Rights Ordinance earlier this year, but Mayor Annise Parker has placed it on hold pending a lawsuit from opponents who want to repeal it.

Tonight's meeting begins at 8 p.m. ET. To watch the meeting live, go here

Senator Rob Portman Will Not Seek Republican Party's Nomination for President in 2016


Republican Senator from Ohio Rob Portman announced yesterday that he would neither seek nor accept his party's nomination for President of the United States in 2016. Portman also made clear he was not interested in being considered as a Vice-Presidential running mate in this next national election cycle. Portman was considered on the short list to fill the VP slot in both 2008 and 2012.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Portman said he’ll seek re-election to a second Senate term, where his party has won a majority for the first time since he has been in the Senate. He served in a House GOP majority during most of his 12 years in that chamber.

“While I appreciate the encouragement I have received from many to run for president, my focus will remain on Ohio and running for re-election to the Senate in 2016,” he said in a statement. “I look forward to formally announcing my re-election campaign in the new year.”

Portman notably came out in favor of marriage equality after his college-aged son came out to him. Portman was the only serious Republican contender who had endorsed same-sex marriage. 

Portman was seen by many as an attractive candidate for the GOP because of his reputation as being one of the "Senate’s more deliberative center-right members", according to the AP, and being from the crucial swing-state of Ohio. However, had Portman decided to make a run for the White House, his path to his party's nomination would not have been unobstructed. Brian Brown and The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced they would go after Portman if he ran in 2016 because of his views on marriage equality:

"Rob Portman can forget about getting elected President of the United States," Brown said. "If he runs we will make sure that GOP primary voters are aware of his desire to redefine marriage and his willingness to see federal judges set aside the votes of 50 million Americans who enacted marriage amendments across the country because his son is gay. Rob Portman's son has a right to live as he chooses, but that does not give his father the right to redefine marriage."

Portman himself made note of how difficult a national bid would prove for him, given his views on marriage equality:

"It puts me at odds with my party in many respects. I believe it’s a conservative position...I never really thought deeply about it [before my son came to me]. It seems to me to the extent that it’s not a choice, which is what believe. That is, Republicans ought to treat people as they are...It probably makes it difficult for me to win the primary election at a national election.”

Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Transgender Son Speak Out in CBS Miami Interview: VIDEO

Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL.) disclosed in an interview with CBS Miami last night that her views have changed on LGBT people after coming to terms with her transgender son's transition Mediaite reports.

Watch Ros-Lehtinen and her son's interview with CBS Miami, AFTER THE JUMP...

RoslehtinenHer son Rodrigo, born Amanda, started the transition process in 2007, and he officially went public with his identity in the interview that aired last night. Ros-Lehtinen is 100 percent supportive of her son's decision.

Said Ros-Lehtinen:

“As parents we wanted to make sure Rigo understood we were totally fine with it. We wanted to make sure he was safe. Our society is sometimes not inviting and not caring enough and there is no mystery that LGBT kids when they are younger are bullied."

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen originally voted for the Defense of Marriage Act back in 1996, but she is the only Republican to vote for its repeal. Although Rodrigo's mother is a part of a political party that aims to derail LGBT rights, Lehtinen's son loves her dearly.


Said Rodrigo:

“I think she’s genuinely a good person, she may be Republican and I may not be, but she cares about people enough and the tide of history is going so much in that direction.”

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen also gave advice on how parents should react to their children coming out to them. Fortunately, none of her suggestions included conversion therapy as a solution, which some members of her party support.

Said Ros-Lehtinen:

“Don’t freak out, stay calm and don’t be afraid. Love your child because that person is your child whether it’s the person you wanted him or her to be or not. That’s my advice to parents, never, never reject your child. That’s unconditional love no matter what.”

Watch Ros-Lehtinen and her son's interview with CBS Miami, AFTER THE JUMP...

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