Posts from February 22, 2012

Federal Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional


A major ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White, a Bush appointee, who has ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional for violating the Constitution's guarantee of equality. Our legal expert Ari Ezra Waldman will have a…

News: Oklahoma, Totes Amazeballs, Andy Warhol, LOGO


Bill to reinstate 'DADT' in Oklahoma National Guard is shelved. Kellogg's creates 'Totes Amazeballs' cereal for Twitter user. Adam Levine joins the contraception debate, endorses the withdrawal method. Action on "Don't Sa…

Gay Former Congressman Jim Kolbe Endorses Sheriff Babeu


Pinal County Sheriff and congressional candidate Paul Babeu, who yesterday asked for an investigation into claims by his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco that he threatened him over exposing their relationship, has received support from gay former Arizona GO…