Posts from November 25, 2012

Republican Lesbians Look For Larger Role In Party


As liberal lesbians set-up a super PAC to fight for LGBT progress, their counterparts on the right are looking for a place in the GOP. From a New York Times article called “Lesbian Republicans, Long a Rare Political Breed, Raise Their Profiles…

News: Powerball, Action Figures, Morsi, Botany


A somewhat belated congratulations to California lawmaker Cathleen Galgiani! The Democratic state senator who came out of the closet to fight anti-gay bullying eked out a reelection victory last week. As Mitt Romney settles into post-campaign life at…

Gay Rights Activists Celebrate Pride In New Delhi


For the fifth year in a row, LGBT activists in New Delhi held a gay pride march to counter homophobia in a country where colonial-era homophobia runs deep. Though the crowd of hundreds was relatively small when compared to other prides around the wor…

Barney Frank Blames Tea Party For Gridlock


Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union today, Rep. Barney Frank blamed ongoing Beltway gridlock on the Tea Party’s 2010 rise. “I do believe that there were elected some people in 2010, tea party influence, who repudiated the notion o…