Posts from December 18, 2012

Boehner Rejects Obama’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Offer: VIDEO


John Boehner has rejected Obama's latest offer on a fiscal deal. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP… Writes Jed Lewison at DailyKos: So the president agrees to continue some of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and to cut Social Security … and John Boehne…

YouTube Rounds Up its 2012 Stars for Mega-Mashup: VIDEO


YouTube is taking a look back at 2012 with a new video that highlights the channel's culturally defining moments. Featured along with ShitGirlsSay (above) are PSY, Walk off the Earth, AlphaCat, KassemG, DailyGrace, MysteryGuitarMan, DaveDays, DeS…

Nate Silver: ‘Sexually Gay But Ethnically Straight’


OUT Editor Aaron Hicklin delivers an engaging profile of Nate Silver, whom the magazine has named its 'Person of the Year'. Over drinks, Silver goes in depth with Hicklin about his critics, about how he became so good at being a stats geek (p…