Posts from February 18, 2013

Azealia Banks: GLAAD is ‘F**king Bulls**t’


UPDATE BELOW Singer Azealia Banks has had enough of GLAAD, the media, and anybody who disagrees with her using the word 'faggot', she tells Australia's The Music. Last week, Banks reignited a Twitter feud with Perez Hilton, taunting him w…

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1309

UTAH PLANE CRASH: Captured on passenger's cell phone. DISRESPECT A CACTUS: Get what you deserve. WHAT IS THE UNIVERSE? Minute Physics explains. PIZZA ON FILM: A supercut. For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.…

Sarah Palin to Address CPAC


Once again, CPAC is blooming with new ideas: The American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC, one of the oldest and largest yearly gatherings of conservative leaders and activists from across the country, announced Monday that the former Alaska gove…

Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Randy and Allen


Randy and Allen were married in Rochester, New York in December after being together for 16 1/2 years, surrounded by their family and friends. They were married by the judge who helped them adopt both their sons (below). The pen that is shown in the…