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Towleroad Talking Points: O'Reilly Loses It (Even More)

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A Texas high school did not want this picture in its yearbook 


A look back at today's top stories


Jamie Jackson, who was the victim of a disturbing act of police brutality at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last weekend, has given his first interview about the incidentk. Or what he can remember about the arrest, given that he was beaten about the head. The Sydney gay community has planned a rally against police brutality and is demanding an independent inquiry. 

There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether a gay player would be welcomed into an NFL locker room. Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander says that there would be no issue in the MLB, at least not with his team. Some disheartening numbers from a recent poll in Minnesota which shows that a majority of people in the state have not yet come around on the subject of marriage equality. Also Ari Waldman takes a closer look at what Obama's so-called "8 State Solution" really means



Putting it kindly, Bill O'Reilly seems to have a tenuous hold on his sanity. However, that hold seems to be slipping even further, as evidence by this massive tantrum he just threw about Medicare. CFormer Polish President, Nobel Prize Winner and prominent figure in your high school history books, Lech Walesa says that he has no plans to apologize for his remarks that gays "should be behind a wall". In response, the country's first gay and first trans-gender lawmakers made sure they were highly visible in Parliament today



James Franco sat down with Stephen Colbert to hash out the mysteries of his ever changing and mercurial persona. We are all probably not indie enough to get it. Great news for Star Wars fans, Carrie Fisher will return as Princess Leia in the newest installment

It might be hard to form a strong desire to rush out and see Oblivion but, M83's sleek soundtrack certainly helps. And The xx covers "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow



More video to further embarrass the Chinese Official who totally lost his sh*t after missing his flight

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Florist Tells Longtime Gay Customer That She Won't Do His Wedding Because of Her Relationship with Jesus: VIDEO


A Washington florist is violating the state's laws after refusing to do flowers for a gay longtime customer's wedding, KNDU reports:

Rob wanted to go with the florist he and Curt have been using for years, Barronelle Stuzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers in Richland.

However, when he asked her, Stuzman politely declined. "And I just took his hands and I said I'm sorry I can't do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ," said Stuzman who believes marriage should be between one man and one woman...

...Stuzman said she had mixed reactions and so much attention that she posted a response on Arlene's Flowers' Facebook page.

"I've had hate mail. I've had people who want to burn my building, I've had people say they'll never shop here again and tell all their friends. And I've had other people say thanks for standing up for your convictions and we'll shop here and we'll back you in any way we can," Stuzman said.

Despite their differences and the opinions of many, Jill Mullins, of the QLaw Foundation, which is a gay rights attorney organization, said Stuzman did violate the Washington Law Against Discrimination, found in RCW 49.60.030, the Freedom from discrimination - Declaration of civil rights.


NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |

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Kiss-In Planned for California Mall That Threw Out Gay Couple


The Westfield mall in Roseville, California, which kicked out a gay couple earlier this week for kissing, is about to see a lot more of it, the Sacramento Bee reports:

Beverly Kearney of Sacramento, an advocate for the gay, lesbian and transgender community, said the initial statement did not appear to be an apology. "It feels to me like it's placating," she said. "As someone said, 'You're not sorry for what happened. You're sorry you got caught.' "

Kearney is organizing the "kiss-in" to begin at 11 a.m. Saturday at Starbucks at the Galleria. "We're calling it a 'kiss-in' because that's why they were ejected from the mall," she said.

WestfieldKearney was referring to an apology from the mall:

"All of our customers are welcome, and all are welcome equally – including those displaying affection. We do have rules and occasionally our security officers approach customers, inform them of the rules, and ask them to comply. We're sorry for any misperceptions with regard to the incident reported upon yesterday. At Westfield, we celebrate the diversity of our employees, shoppers and community, and will continue to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all."

Westfield Galleria issued a revised statement Tuesday night, saying that simple displays of affection, such as kissing and hand-holding, are not an issue, but that in this case the couple violated rules that prohibit sexually explicit conduct, and the security officer asked them to stop the conduct.

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Pro MMA Fighter Fallon Fox: I'm Trans


Professional MMA fighter Fallon Fox is being forced out of the closet as trans, she tells Outsports:

"For years I've known at some point it's very likely the shoe would drop," Fox told Outsports in a phone interview Tuesday. "Maybe someone would guess that I'm trans. Maybe they would know me from my life before I transitioned. I've been waiting for that phone call to happen. And Saturday night, it happened."

Fox was at dinner celebrating a victory when a call came through. It was from a reporter who asked probing questions that clearly lead to one conclusion: The reporter knew Fox's secret past. Within 48 hours she got a call from a former trainer who had been interviewed by the same reporter with the same questions. The secret of Fallon Fox was about to come out.

"These past six years, people have seen me as a woman, not a transsexual," she said. "People in the gym, people I train with, it's been great, it's been awesome. I'm just a woman to them. I don't want that to go away. It's unfortunate that it has to."

Read the full story here.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1321

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment.

CONCRETE TENT: A life-changing (and saving) new technology?

AUNT BARBARA: She is the nation's most successful Tupperware consultant, for real.

BAA: Humans yelling like goats yelling like humans.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Michigan, Derek Lam, Maryland, Valerie Harper, Books

RoadJacob Bernstein: Nora Ephron's final act.

Road25th annual Lambda Literary Awards announces finalists.

HarperRoadActress Valerie Harper diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I don't think of dying. I think of being here now."

RoadJustin Theroux has a sexy brother.

RoadFrank Bruni on familes and the most stubborn obstacle to the acceptance of their gay members: "Against God’s wishes. That notion — that argument — is probably the most stubborn barrier to the full acceptance of gay and lesbian Americans, a last bastion and engine of bigotry. It’s what many preachers still thunder. It’s what some politicians still maintain."

RoadMatthew Vines launching “a nonprofit organization designed to connect, train and empower” LGBT Christians and their allies to change their churches on this issue from within.” VIDEO.

RoadAttorneys for lesbian parent appeal Puerto Rico ruling against gay adoption.

RoadSurvey finds mental health disparities impacting LGBT community.

RoadBritish soap Eastenders getting a new gay character: "Former Footballers’ Wives star Gary Lucy. The actor, who appeared in a handful of episodes last year as flirty City banker Danny Pennant, impressed bosses so much they have handed him a full-time role."

RoadALERT: Kentucky religious freedom bill threatens LGBT anti-discrimination laws.

KatnissRoadHeeeere's Catching Fire Katniss.

RoadNOM's Jennifer Roback Morse refuses to take responsibility for harmful remarks: "The media and activists groups are mischaracterizing my remarks, in which I urged students to befriend gay students, and also urged them all to adhere to the traditional standards of sexual morality. I believe that engaging in uncommitted sex hurts people of both genders and all sexual orientations. I would be happy to meet with Tyler Clementi's mom and dad to try to move forward and go beyond the highly charged rhetoric that doesn't help anyone."

RoadFashion designer Derek Lam lists Manhattan loft for $6 million.

RoadMaryland Senate votes to repeal death penalty. "The repeal bill, which is a top priority for Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), will now move on to the state house, where it appears likely to pass. The bill has 67 co-sponsors in the house, and only 71 are needed for it to pass."

RoadCanada's National Post covers the You Can Play Project: "You Can Play videos have been recorded by about 60 NHL players, 18 universities and colleges in Canada and the United States, 10 AHL teams, two Major League Soccer teams, one National Lacrosse League team, the rapper Macklemore, Nashville Predators minority owner Brett Wilson, TSN’s hockey panel, and others. It has become a key source of education for athletes, some more than others. Hockey players know who to ask about gay issues, and how to handle them."

RoadDid Kate Middleton accidentally reveal that she's having a girl?

RoadMTV Movie Award nominations announced!

VickRoadGood idea? Michael Vick taking dog training classes at PetSmart.

RoadBeyoncé introduces herself as a blond pin-up.

RoadState officials predict "potential legal chaos" if federal judge throws out Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage this Thursday.

RoadObama administration says President can use lethal force against Americans on U.S. soil. Holder: "The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one we hope no president will ever have to confront. It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States. For example, the president could conceivably have no choice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland in the circumstances like a catastrophic attack like the ones suffered on December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001."

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