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Towleroad Talking Points: McKellen, Cohen and a G.B.F.

6a00d8341c730253ef017d42bdfdfa970c-500wiPHOTO OF THE DAY: Do-it-yourself replacement rainbow crosswalks are springing up all over Sydney.  


A look back at today's top stories


Its time to get pumped for G.B.F., a new movie about the first kid to come out in a high school and the race to be his bestie. Oh and there are some quality Megan Mullally moments to boot. Also be on the look out for a new British show starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi about a bickering elderly gay couple. Harrison Ford is on the promotional trail for his new movie 42 about Jackie Robinson and during a recent interview he drew a parallel between Robinson breaking the color barrier and the fight for marriage equality

Andy Cohen stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night and Leno took him to task for saying that he didn't want to marry or shag him. Who can blame Andy? And check out the trailer for Disappear Here starring Belinda Carlisle's gay son James Duke Mason. 



Despite hopes to the contrary it appears that the RNC has voted unanimously to retain its opposition to same-sex marriage. Former Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes has thrown his name in the ring for most ridiculous comparison made to gay marriage as he drew a connection between same-sex marriage and booger eating. Anti-gay Catholic weirdo Bill Donohue made a wonderfully hilarious comment on Current TV recently when he said that marriage is not "about love" or "making people happy". In related news Donohue's wife is miserable. 


More details continue to emerge on a story we first reported yesterday about a gay man who was forcibly removed from the bedside of his sick husband and seems things are getting uglier. Also apparently the RNC is not crazy enough for Tony Perkins of the FRC and he wants people to stop donating to them



This what happens when all your body parts get pissed at each other

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1346

CATHERINE O'HARA: In a vintage clip from Second City TV.

NILE RODGERS: On his collaboration with Daft Punk for their new album.

THE WEEK IN UNNECESSARY CENSORHIP: Jimmy Kimmel's weekly tribute to the FCC.

EXPLODING PAINT BOTTLES: New from the slo-mo guys.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: South Africa, Dan Mathews, San Francisco, Omar Sharif Jr

RoadWhite House responds to Jay-Z lyrics.

RoadAl Qaeda video resurfaces explaining ease of gun purchasing in the U.S.

TessierRoadGay brothers take stand against the Boy Scouts.

RoadSome cats do love water.

RoadAnderson Cooper talks about the end of his talk show: "I wish we had the show the first year that we ended up with the second year. It took us awhile to kind of figure out what we wanted to do. I’m very pleased with the show this year and how audiences have responded to it and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it every day."

RoadThe lost gay bars of San Francisco.

RoadTom Cruise is really not that great at line readings.

RoadJohn Kerry rattles back at North Korea.

RoadDan Mathews on PETA's inclusiveness: "I've been at PETA since 1985 and even back then a lot of our volunteers were gay," said Dan Mathews, senior vice president at PETA. "I think there has always been an affinity between gay activists and animal rights activists, because I think when you see the mockery that some people have about the rights of animals, gay people have that same mockery that we've faced ourselves, the cruelty and the indifference to suffering. At an activist level, I think we share that."

RoadJoe Jonas makes a saucy reply video to a fan.

RoadKe$ha spotted dirty dancing with woman at Roosterfish gay bar in Venice, California.

VokoRoadSouth African man was beaten, had ear shot off for being gay. "They got out of the car and started asking me questions like why I'm a moffie, but I wouldn't answer them. The next thing one of the guys slapped me and another attacked me with an iron rod, while the others gathered half bricks."

RoadWill this movie ever come out?

RoadOmar Sharif Jr. joins GLAAD staff: "Complementing the work of National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz, Omar will be an essential part of GLAAD's Development team, helping to build relationships with donors and raise vital funds to support GLAAD's work to lead the conversation for LGBT equality."

RoadEx-Marine to be charged for anti-gay hate crime in Long Beach after being arrested in Chicago: "When he is arraigned, O’Leary will be charged with two felony counts – one for battery with serious bodily injury and one for assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and a hate crime allegation. He is being held on $105,000 bail. If convicted, O’Leary could face eight years in state prison, Deputy District Attorney Gretchen Ford, who is assigned to the Hate Crimes Unit, said."

RoadDavid Mixner has five questions for Oscar-winning producer and AFER President Bruce Cohen.

RoadIf you really care about Justin Biebers new video that much, well here it is.

StylesRoadOne Direction become footballers for a day.

RoadA new NBC News WSJ survey puts national support for same-sex marriage at 53 percent. "By party, 73 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of independents back gay marriage, while 66 percent of Republicans oppose it."

RoadSouth African Cardinal makes ridiculous statement: 'I can't be accused of homophobia," says Wilfred Napier, "because I don't know any homosexuals."

RoadHRC's Chad Griffin: Immigration reform myst be truly comprehensive.

RoadNOM continues to argue donor disclosure case in Maine: "Forcing donor names to be disclosed in connection with the state’s 2009 referendum that overturned the state’s Legislature-enacted gay marriage law would have a chilling effect on donors, said Kaylan Phillips, representing the National Organization for Marriage, a Washington, D.C.-based group that has campaigned against same-sex marriage initiatives nationwide."

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G.B.F., the Teen Comedy About a School's First Out Student and the Race to Be His Gay Best Friend: VIDEO


And well, Megan Mullally as a mom with a thing for poppers.

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

I posted a behind-the-scenes look at the new film, dirrected by Jawbreaker's Darren Stein, back in March. It's premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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RNC Votes Unanimously to Reaffirm Party's Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage


The RNC has reportedly taken a unanimous vote to approve 12 resolutions, including one reaffirming the party's opposition to same-sex marriage, according to a tweet from Yahoo! political reporter Chris Moody.

Moody published the text of the resolution earlier this week.

CNN confirms the news.

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Alan Keyes Compares Gay Marriage to Picking One's Nose and Eating It

Conservative activist and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes compared gays wanting the right to marry to a nose-picker wanting the right to eat his boogers in a talk at Spring Arbor University in Michigan on Wednesday, MLive reports:

KeyesKeyes said while abortion, same-sex marriage and separation of church and state are not basic human rights there are leaders who are trying to “fabricate” rights.

“People who sit on the U.S. Supreme Court take it among themselves to argue that somehow there should be separation of church and state,” he said. “Nothing in the Constitution requires separation, nor could it because we cannot separate the country from its finding premise without destroying it.”

When arguing what a fundamental right actually is, Keyes gave an offbeat example of a young child who had a habit of “picking in their nostrils and “eating what came out.”

As the child grew up they noticed others were disgusted and did not want to be near him. As an adult the individual argued if others have the right to eat what they want, the individual should be recognized as having the same right.

“How many think that is a fundamental right?” he asked the audience.

In a separate interview with Stan Solomon, Keyes said gay marriage would lead to communism and the "murder of the masses," Right Wing Watch reports:

The aim is not compassion for homosexuals, respect for homosexuals and all of this; the aim in the mind of these hardheaded, calculating, leftist, Communist, totalitarians is to destroy the family and to establish the notion that once you have seized power there is no limit whatsoever to what you can do. If you want to tolerate abuses then those abuses can be imposed upon the people. Once you establish that, the abuses are then not going to be confined to egregious outrages like this; those abuses are going to be committed against the whole society and they will in the end include the murder of the masses as has occurred in all Communist regimes that existed.


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