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Towleroad Talking Points: Rally Against Hate in New York

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A look back at today's top stories


A massive rally to end homophobia and anti-gay violence got underway in the West Village this evening as thousands marched to the spot where Mark Carson was murdered over the weekend in an anti-gay attack. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor were just a few of the group on hand making their voices heard. With news breaking today that Carson's sadistic murderer will be charged with a hate crime, our Ari Waldman discusses what the recent string of anti-gay attacks in New York say about society, especially when it comes to gay members of minority groups. 

President Obama continues to make it clear that LGBT rights are a major part of his second term agenda, or at least his rhetoric, as he touched on gay rights during his speech at the Morehouse College commencement ceremony. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson is hoping that his former high school in New Mexico will allow one transgender student to graduate with dignity




The Billboard Music Awards were held last night and the highlight of the night was definitely Justin Bieber's announcement that he wants to have his "craft taken seriously," followed by the subsequent booing and Taylor Swift's Bieber-directed stank face. Also Singer Miguel slammed his crotch into some poor unsuspecting woman's face. In non-music related news, Jack Black did the weather down under and two former Blues Clues actors found true love, together



What with the South's track record when it comes to gay rights, this country western marriage equality anthem is certainly refreshing. Also I guess you can't trust a Canadian with the Star-Spangled Banner

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Sally Ride to Receive Posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom

Sally Ride, the first female astronaut in space who came out in July 2012 in her obituary, will be awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House announced today.

S_ride"Dr. Ride’s partner, mother, and sister were notified last week of the President’s decision to award her with the Nation’s highest civilian honor for her contributions to the U.S. space program and education system. The remainder of the honorees selected by the President will be announced over the coming weeks and the awards will be presented at a White House ceremony later this year," said the White house in a press release.

Said President Obama of the honor:

“We remember Sally Ride not just as a national hero, but as a role model to generations of young women. Sally inspired us to reach for the stars, and she advocated for a greater focus on the science, technology, engineering and math that would help us get there. Sally showed us that there are no limits to what we can achieve, and I look forward to welcoming her family to the White House as we celebrate her life and legacy.”

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Terrifying Footage of the Oklahoma City Tornado: VIDEO


Our thoughts tonight are with the people of Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City, after a massive tornado ripped through town causing multiple fatalities.

USA Today:

A massive, mile-wide tornado with winds up to 200 mph spent 40 minutes on the ground as it devastated homes, schools and businesses across southern Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon.

At least 10 deaths were confirmed, according to multiple media reports.

Catastrophic damage was reported in Moore, where two elementary schools were destroyed, including one that took a direct hit. Several children were pulled alive from the rubble of Plaza Towers Elementary, but there were no immediate reports of rescues or casualties at Briarwood Elementary...

...The preliminary rating of the tornado that hit Moore about 3 p.m. CT is at least an EF-4, which means wind speeds of from 166 to 200 mph, the National Weather Service said.

Watch amateur footage of the tornado as it barreled toward OKC, AFTER THE JUMP...

UPDATE: Photos of one of the elementary schools here. At many as 24 students may have died at one of the schools. A before/after photo of Moore here. Just sickening.

Another from the same uploader:

And here's time-lapse footage captured by a news helicopter:

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He's a Pepper: VIDEO


Josh "cute as a" Button turns up the beefcake for Dr. Pepper's 'One of a Kind' campaign.


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Votes for Marriage Equality in Illinois are There, Say LGBT Advocates

Advocates for marriage equality in Illinois believe they have the votes to pass the bill and are ready to do so, the Windy City Times reports:

Illinois"I have absolutely no doubt we're going to be done with this by May 31," said Jim Bennett, Midwest regional director for Lambda Legal. "I believe that this bill is going to pass."

Bennett declined to give a specific vote count, but said that he expected the bill could be called and passed any day. Rick Garcia, policy advisor for The Civil Rights Agenda, said he thinks the bill has the 60 votes needed for passage in the House. "I believe we're there," said Garcia. "The cake is baked. We're waiting for the icing."

The bill passed the Senate on Valentine's Day. House sponsors have since struggled to pull together enough votes to pass it in the House. Illinois Unites for Marriage, a coalition of groups working for the bill, has scheduled a community meeting to update supporters on the bill's progress and share plans surrounding the vote Wednesday evening.

Last month, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said he thought the bill's passage was "within striking distance." Quinn is eager to sign the bill.

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Massive NYC Rally and March in Response to Gay Hate Crime Murder Takes Over Greenwich Village: PHOTOS, VIDEO

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A massive rally kicked off late this afternoon in front of NYC's LGBT Community Center where thousands of people gathered to march to the site at Sixth Avenue and 8th Street where Mark Carson was murdered over the weekend in an anti-gay hate crime.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor were spotted at the front of the march.

More photos, Vines and video as they come in, AFTER THE JUMP...

Refresh for updates...

"Speaker Christine Quinn joining NYC rally." - James West Twitter.

(83-year-old DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor, center - Instagram - Rich Ferraro)

(twitter - Buzzfeed LGBT)

"First marchers arrive at scene of #MarkCarson murder." - David Badash Twitter.

Twitter - GayMarriageUSA.

Twitter - jahgirl78.

(instagram mrsmashbox)

(outimpact instagram)

"Marcher comforts woman overwhelmed by grief at #MarkCarson march." - Twitter Scott Wooledge.

Twitter - Scott Wooledge

Twitter - BuzzfeedNews.

Twitter - demiurgical.

Instagram - heraclitorus.

(Instagram - marcsifuentes)

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