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Towleroad Talking Points: SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Equality

6a00d8341c730253ef019103d9b512970c-800wiPHOTO OF THE DAY: Edie Windsor is victorious! 


A look back at today's top stories


It was a massive day for equality at the Supreme Court where the Justices struck down DOMA and ruled that Prop 8 proponents had no standing effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in California! Ari Waldman has a comprehensive break down about the death of DOMA and what the "no standing" ruling means

With SCOTUS effectively vacating the appeal of Prop 8's supporters, same-sex marriages are reportedly ready to resume in the Golden State in a matter of weeks and Governor Jerry Brown wants marriage licenses to be issued ASAP

It was obviously a day of huge celebration for gay rights activists nationwide, although there is certainly still work to be done. Edie Windsor, quickly becoming the face of this historic day, spoke in New York following the rulings. Prop 8's plaintiffs and attorneys held a joyous press conference on the steps of the Court, one that was interrupted by a congratulatory call from the President. Obama also released a statement while aboard Air Force One that praised both of the Court's rulings. And Former President Bill Clinton along with possible 2016 candidate Hilary were equally pleased.




It was a bad day to be a homophobe as the anti-gay blowhards were foaming at the mouth of the pro-equality decisions. The American Family Association is super sad for the Christians today. NOM's Brian Brown is crying about some kind of "stench" and Maggie Gallagher still refuses to believe that gays can love each other



Celebrities and activists alike nearly broke Twitter with a crush of elated reactions. Also now that gays can get married in California, Kristen Bell is ready to marry Dax Shepard

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) To Introduce Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

TimRepresentative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) is waisting no time in his push to to see gay marriage outlawed nationwide. Today, Huelskamp announced his intention to introduce the Federal Marriage Amendment later this week. The Huffington Post reports:

Huelskamp said he plans to introduce the Federal Marriage Amendment later this week, a measure that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. DOMA did the same thing, but was a federal law, not a constitutional amendment. As such, the Federal Marriage Act is more far-reaching but also a tougher climb. It requires the support of two-thirds of the House and Senate, and ratification by three-fourths of the states, or 38 states.

"This would trump the Supreme Court," Huelskamp told The Huffington Post.

Huelskamp said his bill has no cosponsors yet, but said its language will be almost identical to past Federal Marriage Amendments introduced in Congress. The last time Congress voted on the proposed constitutional amendment was in July 2006, when it failed 236-187. It needed 290 votes to pass. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) were among those who voted for the amendment at the time. 

You will recall back in March Huelskamp introduced a bill to prohibit gay marriages on military bases and protect anti-gay service members

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CA Attorney General Calls For Same-Sex Marriages To Resume 'Immediately': VIDEO


California Attorney General Kamala Harris, as earlier expected, spoke out today about the Supreme Court's overturning of Prop. 8 and the implications of the ruling for California.    

Though orders from the high court traditionally take 25 days to be officialliy implemented, "Harris urged the federal appeals court 'in the strongest terms' to act before the 25 days pass 'so that marriages can begin in California immediately,'" the LA Times reports.

However, according to David J. Madden, an appeals court official, the 9th circuit court has yet to receive, "any legal paperwork from Harris asking them to expedite the process."

At issue is the stay imposed by the 9th Circuit court of appeals on U.S. District Judge Vaugh R. Walker's 2010 ruling that declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional. However, Harris promised,

"As soon as [the 9th Circuit] lifts that stay, marriages are on. The wedding bells will ring...Today is a day that reaffirms our commitment as a country to giving every person equal protection and due process under the law."

Check out a video via PBS News Hour of Harris "feeling pretty good" and sharing the state's plans for bringing marriage equality back into the fold AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch Nancy Pelosi's Blasé Response To Michele Bachmann's Latest Marriage Rant: VIDEO

Bachmann and Pelosi, both political dynamos from very different camps, will be tangling far less now that Bachmann has decided not to run for reelection. However, their congressional relationship had to go out with a bang, and some sense of humor. 

Michele bachmannTrue to form, Michele Bachmann lacked all regard for separation of church and state today as she blasted the Supreme Court for their DOMA and Prop 8 rulings and invoked a Christian belief in heterosexually limited marriage.  

City Pages reports:

"Marriage was created by the hand of God. No man, not even a Supreme Court, can undo what a holy God has instituted," Bachmann, who isn't seeking another term in Congress and narrowly won reelection last year, wrote.

"For thousands of years of recorded human history, no society has defended the legal standard of marriage as anything other than between man and woman. Only since 2000 have we seen a redefinition of this foundational unit of society in various nations," she continued. "Today, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to join the trend, despite the clear will of the people's representatives through DOMA."

Nancy pelosi"What the Court has done will undermine the best interest of children and the best interests of the United States," she concluded.

When questioned about Bachmann's comments later, Nancy Pelosi responded with a shrug of her shoulders and a barely audible whisper: "Who cares?" Then, a smile crept across her face. It seems the House Minority Leader may have as little regard for Bachmann's comments as the former Presidential candidate does for the Constitution. 

Watch the short and amusing video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Men's Chorus Of D.C. Makes Its Voices Heard At The Supreme Court: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.17.39 PM

Earlier today, the Gay Men's Chorus of D.C. performed a breathtaking rendition of "Make Them Hear You" across the street from the Supreme Court. 

Check out the video (and another for their performance of the National Anthem) AFTER THE JUMP...



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Melissa Etheridge Says Goodbye To DOMA, Pledges To Get Married; Other Celebrities Celebrate SCOTUS Decisions

Melissa etheridge

Melissa Etheridge, the famous singer and one of Hollywood's earliest gay rights activists, has confirmed that she will marry her partner of three years, television producer Linda Wallem.  

Yahoo! reports:

"I look forward to exercising my American civil liberties and getting fully, completely and legally married this year to my true love of over three years, Linda Wallem," Etheridge said in a statement.

"Once again our constitution stands strong," the "Come to My Window" singer added. "All men, and women, and everything in between are created equal."

Yahoo! also makes mention of several Hollywood heavyweights who took to Twitter to announce their excitement at the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings.

Ellen degeneresComedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, an early gay rights advocate, tweeted after the ruling on Wednesday, "It's a supremely wonderful day for equality. Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone."

"We stand tall today. #DomaStruckDown So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudice are now the minority," singer and prominent gay rights supporter Lady Gaga wrote to her more than 38 million Twitter followers.

"Big news from the Supreme Court. Goodbye #DOMA #Prop8. Hello #equality," tweeted Ben Affleck, the director and star of Oscar-winning film "Argo," while actor Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted the decision was a "historic day."

Singer Cyndi Lauper, whose True Colors Fund promotes gay rights and addresses homelessness in the gay and lesbian community, said, "Both of these decisions not only impact the lives of gay couples, but of gay and transgender youth who struggle to find acceptance from their family and friends."

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