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Gay Baseball Player Features Prominently In New Episode Of 'Drop Dead Diva': VIDEO


This Sunday at 9 p.m. the major leagues are getting a little bit gayer. The Lifetime series 'Drop Dead Diva' will feature a closeted gay baseball player who is suspected of murder and pondering the decision to come out, a decision which could acquit him of the crime.  

GLAAD reports:

With this latest episode, Drop Dead Diva continues its strong commitment to telling the stories of the LGBT community. Drop Dead Diva received the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Individual Episode at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards for the episode "Prom" in which Jane defends a lesbian couple who want to attend their high school prom together. The episode was based on the story of Constance McMillen, a Mississippi teen who was prevented from bringing her girlfriend as her date to senior prom. Drop Dead creator Josh Berman heard Constance' story at the GLAAD Media Awards the previous year and decided to turn it into an episode. The series also received nominations at the 22nd and 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards for an episode about a trans woman fighting a legal battle to inherit her wife's assets, and another speaking out against the FDA ban on sperm donations by gay and bisexual men.

This new episode follows a continuing correlation between professional sports and the gay community. After Jason Collins and Robbie Rogers came out earlier this year, and as more and more professional athletes, like Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe, offer their unwavering support, being gay and playing sports are losing their exclusivity. 

Hopefully 'Drop Dead Diva' will continue to tackle storylines which offer unique perspectives on the struggles, both personal and institutional, which the LGBT community faces.  

Watch a clip from the episode, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1405

CANDICE GLOVER: American Idol winner's National Anthem rendition at the All-Star game.

KITTEN RESCUE: Caught on helmet cam.

KRISTEN WIIG: As Michael Jordan.

PUTIN: I will not let Edward Snowden harm relations with U.S.

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News: Sharknado, Stevie Wonder, Versace Mansion, Ryan Gosling

RoadThe next step of the National HIV/AIDS strategy.

Road NOM Communications Director Thomas Peters severely injured in accident.

StevieRoadStevie Wonder says he's not performing in any states, like Florida, that have "stand your ground" laws on the books.

RoadMass email sent to gay Senate employees offering details on how those who are married can extend federal benefits to thier families: "The new three-page document details how Senate employees in legal same-sex marriages can begin enrolling to extend benefits through August 26, 2013. Health benefits, life insurance, dental/vision coverage, long-term care, Flexible Spending Accounts and retirement benefits are now available to the spouses of any Senate staffer in a legal same-sex marriage, regardless of the employee's state of residency."

RoadVersace's Miami Beach mansion up for auction: "The estate and its majority owner, telecom tycoon Peter Loftin, are still entrenched in a sticky legal battle, a tangle of default, debt, and one very pissed-off mass-market jeans label that, as the New York Times once wrote, takes 'some of the shine off this trophy home.'"

RoadMTV Video Music Awards nominations announced.

SharknadoRoadSharknado sequel confirmed by SyFy.

RoadChinese man reunited with long lost twin after 41 years.

RoadRyan Gosling puts his smile on for an Only God Forgives Q&A.

RoadWestboro Baptist Church to protest start of marriage equality in Rhode Island on August 1. “The Lord Jesus Christ said marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman for life. This stupid country thinks it can, by popular vote, and a ruling by the Godless United States Supreme Court overrule Jesus Christ when it comes to fag marriage. How stupid is that? God Almighty will not have same-sex marriage. It brings the wrath of God. Homosexuality is an abomination and the fruit of that tree, including same-sex marriage, is completely and totally abominable!”

RoadOrlando Bloom is making the world a more shirtless place.

ZahaRoadMore images of Zaha Hadid's first NYC condo. "The place will have 37 sprawling homes of up to 5,500-square-feet, and it's being developed by Related Companies."

RoadMacklemore & Ryan Lewis nab an MTV VMA nomination for "Same Love" video, under the category "Best Video With a Social Message."

RoadFormer Fratmen model Dustin Zito arrested on sexual assault charge.

RoadNew report advises French health minister to end ban on gay men giving blood: "Socialist MP Olivier Véran, the author of the potentially divisive report, says it is time to end discrimination when it comes to blood donors. Veran, who is also a doctor, has recommended that the lifetime ban on homosexual male donors that was put in place in 1983 because of fears over the spread of AIDS, should now be lifted. Rather than focus on the sexuality of the donor, the report suggests the emphasis should be on the individual risk of each donor, whether heterosexual or homosexual, in terms of whether or not their blood could be contaminated."

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What Perks Await the Royal Baby? — VIDEO


As media ramps up for a late July bout of Royal-mania, WSJ reporter Jason Bellini goes through a list of the perks awaiting the Royal baby, the last of which may be the best.


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Int'l Olympic Committee: We'll 'Work to Ensure' Gay Athletes Can Freely Compete in Sochi, Russia

The International Olympic Committee released a statement to the Windy City Times over concern about Russia's draconian law banning "gay propaganda" and the upcoming Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Via the Windy City Times: Sochi

The IOC said that it will "work to ensure" that the Sochi Games take place without discrimination against LGBT participants. But the statement from the Lausanne, Switzerland-based organization was short on specifics, only reiterating support for LGBT athletes and opposing any discrimination against them.

"The International Olympic Committee is clear that sport is a human right and should be available to all regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation," said the statement. "The Games themselves should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and of course athletes. We would oppose in the strongest terms any move that would jeopardise this principle.

"As you know, this legislation has just been passed into law and it remains to seen whether and how it will be implemented, particularly as regards the Games in Sochi. As a sporting organization, what we can do is to continue to work to ensure that the Games can take place without discrimination against athletes, officials, spectators and the media. Wider political issues in the country are best dealt with by other international organizations more suited to this endeavor."

The Obama administration has thus far chosen to decline comment on calls for a boycott of the Olympics over the anti-gay Russian law.

Put New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup has already said that if chosen to participate in the Games he plans to openly flout the law by wearing a rainbow flag pin.

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House GOP Faces Decision on Opposing Benefits to Spouses of Married Gay Veterans

The House GOP faces a decision on Thursday and must answer whether it will continue to defend laws limiting veterans benefits to heterosexual married couples, Buzzfeed reports:

Boehner“We’re reviewing the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision, and don’t have any announcement to make at this time,” House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steel, told BuzzFeed on Wednesday when asked if the defense of the veterans’ statutes would continue.

The day after the Supreme Court ruled in Edie Windsor’s challenge to section 3 of DOMA that the federal definition of marriage that excluded gay couples in DOMA is unconstitutional, Judge Richard Stearns asked the parties in another lawsuit, filed in federal court in Massachusetts and addressing the rights of service members and veterans and their spouses, to give “any reasons why judgment should not enter for plaintiffs in this case.”

The plaintiffs in the Massachusetts case, filed by Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and Chadbourne & Park, argued in a Wednesday filing in the case that the decision in Windsor’s case controls the outcome in their case and that Stearns should decide in their favor.

The suit's lead plaintiffs are Massachusetts Army National Guard Maj. Shannon McLaughlin, 41, and her wife, Casey, 34. Five other troops and two veterans are also involved.


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