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Entire Audience at Slur-Laden Ole Miss 'Laramie Project' Performance Told to Attend LGBT Dialogue Session

Laramie Project

This is why we can't have nice things.

On Thursday we reported that a group of University of Mississippi students decided to disrupt a performance of "The Laramie Project" with mocking laughter and gay slurs. Since no one specific troublemaker or set of troublemakers could be identified, everyone has to suffer the penalties.

The school's Bias Incident Response Team reports that nobody gave names or accused specific students of misbehaving during "The Laramie Project" [...] [E]very student in the Oct. 1 audience will have to attend an "educational dialogue session" led by faculty and Allies.

While it was suspected that the disruption was led by a group of about 20 football players, no evidence has surfaced to prove the claim. The darkness of the theater made it difficult to identify individuals, and variations in the claims of volume and frequency of the disruptions has further muddied the waters.

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Aaron Eckhart is Frankenstein's Shredded Monster: VIDEO


Producers have issued this still of Aaron Eckhart's chiseled physique in an effort to drum up interest in a new iteration of the Frankenstein story. In I, Frankenstein, due for release in January, Dr. Frankstein's creation (Eckhart) still walks the earth 200 years later, and finds he has the key to save humankind. This one's based on the Darkstorm Studios graphic novel of the same name.

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Bridegroom', The Documentary of One Gay Couple's Love Cut Short, to Premiere on OWN: TRAILER


Many of you are familiar with the devastating video "It Could Happen to You" made by Shane Bitney Crone in response to the accidental death of his boyfriend Tom Bridegroom. The video, which chronicled what happened to Shane after Tom's sudden death has been viewed more than 4.1 million times.

On October 27, Bridegroom, a crowd-funded documentary directed by Linda Bloodworth Thomason which broke Kickstarter records , will have its TV premiere on Oprah's OWN network. It showed earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Bridgeroom will be part of a special night of programming on OWN about being gay in America that will include an Oprah's Next Chapter interview segment with Wanda Sykes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Scandal's Dan Bucatinsky.

Watch the trailer for Bridegroom, AFTER THE JUMP...

UPDATE: The film will also begin airing on Netflix on October 27.

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The Hidden Cameras Unveil 'Gay Goth Scene' Video


Four years after their last album Origin:Orphan, The Hidden Cameras — a Canadian band led by gay frontman Joel Gibb — has finally released a song and music video for a new single that they've reportedly played live since their first album. The song is entitled "Gay Goth Scene," and though you can only download it in Europe, you can watch a minute from the dramatic video here. The clip involves a gay emo kid getting beaten up.

The release of "Gay Goth Scene" concedes with the 10-year anniversary of The Hidden Cameras' transgressive premier album, The Smell of Our Own, in which they unabashedly rejoiced the religious ecstasies of being peed on, carrying another man's seed and gay sex — totally mandatory listening.

Exclaim explains more about the new single:

The single is called "Gay Goth Scene," and it's available to purchase on 7-inch. It comes backed with a four-track demo of the same song recorded in 2011. Interestingly, a product description notes that this will only be available in physical formats, so it's unlikely to leak onto the web just yet. The band have also been selling copies at recent shows.

Likewise, the song's music video has screened in various cities around the world but isn't available on the internet. It was shot in Berlin last winter by director Kai Stänicke.

In an interview with The Grid TO, the band described "Gay Goth Scene" like this: "The song is in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending; was inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love; and describes a fictional 'scene' that only exists in the mind of the protagonist's paranoid parents. It's told from the perspective of a mother and father, chastising their teen son about his newfound romance.

The single comes from the band's forthcoming album, Age, which is due out this fall.

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HiddenThe band's website elaborates on the video's accolades:

“Gay Goth Scene” has already made the rounds at special screenings in Toronto, Los Angeles, Ogunquit and Tel Aviv with future screenings slated for Salento Finibus Tarrae in Italy, Queer Lisboa, Face a Face St. Etienne and Wiz Art in Lviv.

Good news, everyone! Kai Stänicke’s short film for “Gay Goth Scene” has won the “Tadgell’s Bluebell Honor Award”, being named “Best Short Film About/For Youth” at the 16th Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults.

Their second and third albums — Mississauga Goddam and Awoo — weren't as pointedly sexual as their first, but they did still hit on queer sexual-political themes of neurotic bodily obsession ("I Need Another Enema"), the excitement of shared oral pleasure and growing up closeted in your own hometown.

Their last album (2009's Origin:Orphan) was inarguably their most orchestrally ambitious; using triumphant horns, choral arrangements and grand scores to explore devotion to emotionally-absent men and how whoredom complicates identity.

The Hidden Cameras — who have a penchant for performing in bombed-out churches, abandoned theaters and soccer fields — are currently touring. Gibb had wanted to turn Origin:Orphan into a theatrical production in Berlin where he lives, but it's unclear whether that ever happened.

The clip is now available stateside.

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The Best Way to Take Care of Your 'Deck', in Three Easy Steps: VIDEO


In the veing of the viral Kmart 'Ship My Pants' commercial comes this banned commercial from New Zealand about 'Deck Maintenance'. If you say the word 'deck' in a Kiwi accent, you know where we're going with this.

Watch the spot (language may not be work-friendly), AFTER THE JUMP...

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California GOP Convention Buttons Mock Hillary Clinton: '2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts, Left Wing'


Some disgusting buttons were photographed by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci on display at the California GOP Convention.

The buttons read: "KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts ... Left Wing'.

Marinucci later tweeted that the buttons were displayed outside a VIP reception. And then later wrote that "Less than hour after we 1st tweeted, appears offensive #Hillary buttons gone from #cagop. Many here also appalled..."

(via huffpost)

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