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Sabra Features Real-Life Gay Married Couple in its New Hummus Ad: WATCH


Sabra Hummus has launched a new 60-second spot featuring three couples, one of which happens to be real-life married couple Larry Sullivan (right) and Dave Monahan.

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Sullivan and Monahan are both actors (you might recognize Sullivan from his roles on Modern Family, CSI, or Will & Grace and Monahan from Crossing Jordan or - way back - Dawson's Creek, though both have appeared in dozens of roles in TV and film).

We asked Sullivan, a longtime Towleroad reader, for a bit of behind-the-scenes commentary on how a commercial spot like this, with a real-life couple (and it's not the first time for them), comes about.

"I got a call for an audition, just like any other. They were looking for a same-sex couple for a Sabra Hummus spot. Not necessarily a real life gay couple, but I asked my agents if I should bring Dave, anyway. My agents called the casting directors, who know both of us, and they said, 'Absolutely.' So, we both went on the first audition together. Actually, I remember being paired up with someone else, since there was a large group of actors there, and asking, 'Is it okay if I go in with my legal husband instead?' They laughed."

After the first audition and callback for the director and agency they got the spot.

"They were looking for chemistry and history more than anything and I guess we just had that, naturally, after almost 14 years together," adds Sullivan. "We really DO buy that Hummus. Our son loves it, too.They weren’t trying to make any kind of statement or anything, we just got the job as 'another couple in one of the vignettes.' I LOVE how much things are changing…have changed. Let’s hope we keep moving forward."

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Australian Conservatives Think This Ad for Maltesers Candy Will Turn People Gay: VIDEO


Australian TV viewers have made official complaints that an advert for Maltesers in which two men kiss promotes homosexuality, reports Business Insider.

The advert, which has been running without problems in the UK and other markets for years, portrays two heterosexual men snuggling up unawares while sleeping.

Complaints to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) have accused the ad of encouraging young people to be gay and of ridiculing gay people.

One of the complaints reads:

"I find it very offensive that while I'm watching tv with my child that an ad with a man kiss another man to come on to try and sell chocolates just like smoking and drinking alcohol leads to young people to do these things I feel strong that advertising homosexuals is try to turn young people gay."

Another offended viewer wrote:

"The two women place their boyfriends in a sexual/suggestive position while they are asleep. They are seen to kiss. The two women then laugh at what they have done. This ad is offensive because it continues to perpetuate the idea that being gay or male closeness is something to be ridiculed and laughed at."

In response to the complaints, Maltesers owner Mars Confectionery said of the “playful” ad that it would be inappropriate given the context to assume the men are of any kind of sexual orientation.

The ASB dismissed the complaints, ruling that the depiction of two men kissing would encourage young people to turn gay was an "unlikely interpretation and not one that is likely to be shared by the broader community."

On the issue that the ad promoted the idea that being gay or male closeness was something to be ridiculed, the ASB said the practical joke carried out in the ad is "not a derogatory sentiment toward homosexual men and did not depict material which discriminates against or vilifies a person on account of sexual preference."

Its worth noting that the men don't actually kiss in the ad.

Watch the offensive item, AFTER THE JUMP...

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34 Places To Eat in Miami Right Now: Gay Travel

The Matador Room at The Edition Hotel


Located in the new Ian Schrager-designed Edition Hotel on Miami Beach, The Matador Room features a Spanish and Latin-inspired menu from Jean-Georges Vongerichten with a glamorous old-school supper club vibe. The oval room itself is something to behold and the hotel, its bar and grounds are among Miami's newest hot spots. Perhaps you'll see a group of Eastern Europeans so sauced they are three-way kissing at the table, or have Clive Davis arrive at a table near you, as Towleroad did the last time we were in town.

JuviaFor upscale eats, Towleroad readers also love Hakkasan in the Fontainebleau Hotel, and Seaspice on the Miami River (formerly Seasalt & Pepper and frequented by celebs like Beyonce and Jay Z, Gloria Estefan, and Ryan Phillippe - lovely for brunch as well). Readers also love Dolce Italian and, for the beautiful views and the outdoor space, Juvia (right), off of Lincoln Road. Cecconi's at the Soho House is also a reliable, usually-packed option.

In Wynwood, try R House or Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (one tipster absolutely loves the 48-hour Crispy Pork), Fireman Derek's Bakeshop & Cafe for pies, pastries, and lunch. Kush for craft beer and comfort food.

Michael's Genuine is a neighborhood bistro in Miami's design district serving fresh, locally-sourced ingredients (straciatella, grouper tartare, pig ears and duck confit, and bacon-infused bourbon Manhattans are among the offerings). Always packed and very reliable. Great for lunch too. Also in the design district you'll find Mandolin, an open-air Greek bistro perfect for warm Miami evenings. One reader said he got his best meal in Miami at Buena Vista Bistro.

ColetteIn Midtown, check out Black Brick for "innovative Chinese" and Midtown Oyster Bar or Mignonette which are "getting raves from locals."

Shuckers Waterfront Grill on the 79th Street Causeway has a great view and a very friendly staff if you're looking for drinks, seafood, and bar food.

Other new restaurants getting some heat are Latin American eatery Loba, the gastropub Pubbelly, and Blue Collar (located on the ground floor of a motel on 69th and Biscayne - no reservations, so prepare to wait especially for weekend brunch).

If you're looking for places around Lincoln Road try Yardbird, a Miami staple which serves southern comfort food - think fried chicken, ribs, deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, bourbon cocktails. It always has a wait so call ahead for reservations and prepare to be served so much food that you roll out of there. Longtime brunch staple Balans is useful for people watching and mimosas at brunch, and just at the western end of Lincoln Road we suggest CVI.CHE 105 (higher-priced), Colette (mid-priced bistro with gorgeous waiters/owners), and Huahuas tacos (low-end) for something quick.

BodegaZak the Baker , for brunch and dinner, also gets a rave from several readers. The mushroom polenta is recommended for vegetarians.

For cheap eats, readers recommend Bodega taqueria (right) which serves Mexican food from an airstream trailer housed within a modern warehouse with a glass front. Miami is a huge Food Truck town...regular food truck events at Haulover Marina, Collins and 73rd-ish, Pelican Marina (on 79th Street Causeway) among the best.

Book your reservations in advance. Prime time reservations from 8:30 to 10 pm fill up fast.




Versailles is the Miami go-to from a classic Cuban meal, although one reader suggests skipping Versailles and heading instead to the nearby La Carreta (at 3632 SW 8th Street).

Readers love

Readers also recommend Puerto Sagua ("great Cuban food in a divey atmosphere"), Abuelas on Meridian, and the lamb shank at Little Havana. Also the Latin Cafe on Biscayne Boulevard for "great mojitos and inexpensive food."





By far the most recommended coffee spot by Towleroad readers, Panther Coffee is a Miami-based specialty boutique coffee roaster and wholesaler with two locations. One is in Sunset Harbor and great for post-workout people-watching (the Barry's Bootcamp is right nearby).

Their other location is in Wynwood (pictured above), also excellent for people-watching. They're on Instagram here.

And try the cold brew.

Next stop, 7 Great Places to Drink in Miami Right Now...


If you have an exciting Miami travel tip to share with us, please email us at and we'll check it out and consider adding it to this guide. Help us make it better!

McDonald's Is Rebranding to Take Advantage of All the Lovin' That's Going Around


For years right-wing loons warned about the devastating consequences that might befall America should gay people be allowed to marry their loved ones - but no doomsayer could have predicted all our talk of love might lead to something like this...

The AP reports:

As the world’s biggest hamburger chain fights to hold onto customers, the company unveiled a new marketing strategy and ads it says will emphasize the “love” in its long-running “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan.

As part of the push, McDonald’s released TV ads it says will begin airing this week, including an animated video where the Joker and the Batman, a mail man and a dog, a blue donkey and red elephant and Smurfs and Gargamel show affection to each other and share McDonald’s products.

The upbeat spot ends with the words “Choose Lovin’, “ encompassed by a ring of hearts. 

McDonald's says it will also be “assuming less” and listening more to customers and pointed to the company's new campaign starring sellout former Mythbuster Grant Imahara that features customers asking tough questions about the fast food corporation's processed goodies.  

NYC Shop Advertising 'Big Straight Ice Cream' Backs Off: 'It Doesn't Work in the West Village'


Gallo Nero, a NYC restaurant down the street from the West Village's well-known Big Gay Ice Cream shop, has removed a sign from its window advertising 'Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream' after it was brought to the neighborhood's and the internet's attention.

AMNY reports that the manager at Gallo Nero, which had responded earlier this week to the controversy with the statement “No statement. We are letting New York City speak on our behalf," is now speaking on the restaurant's behalf.

Says the manager now: "No, no, no more straight ice cream here. It doesn't work in the West Village. Gay and proud."

Christian Group Fasts Against Same-Sex Marriage (But Continues Eating) - VIDEO

Family foundation

Virginia-based anti-gay group Family Foundation has announced a fast in opposition to same-sex marriage - but participants will be be allowed to eat, reports Pink News.

The group’s 40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance For Marriage started on August 27th and runs until October 5th, the day before the Supreme Court begins its next session and hears the first in a series of same-sex marriage appeals cases.

However, not wanting to expend too much energy on hatred, the group announced “we are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast – giving up physical food isn’t necessary – but feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital.”

Watch the group’s apocalyptic fast introductory video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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