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Jack Mackenroth's Shower Selfie Challenge Raises Funds And Awareness for HIV/AIDS - VIDEO

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Hoping for a viral sensation like the ALS ice-bucket craze, Jack Mackenroth is stripping down and soaping up for a challenge of his own: the shower selfie. Mackenroth, known as much for being a reality star as he is for his AIDS activism, has started an online campaign encouraging people to take sexy (but PG-rated) shower pics and then challenge three friends to do the same, using the hashtag #weareALLclean.

“I was inspired by the use of the word ‘clean’, especially common in gay culture, to describe oneself as STI/STD free. Indirectly this implies that HIV-positive people are somehow ‘dirty’”, says Mackenroth about the campaign which he kicked off this week with his own sudsy selfie. It's all part of a two-pronged effort he hopes will remove the stigma of HIV while also raising money for AIDS care and research through donations to Housing Works.

Mackrenroth has set up a page on the Housing Works website where you can donate directly to the campaign, which he hopes will raise one million dollars. While it's a lofty goal, it could happen if it takes off like this summer's ALS challenge which went super-viral and ended up netting over 100 million for the Lou Gehrig's disease charity. Mackenroth is working with the gay social app Moovz where people can post their pics, or just use their own accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

So far he's enlisted sexy singer Chris Salvatore and model/activist Colby Melvin, who have already posted their shower pics online. You can check them out AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jesse Metcalfe Broods Shirtlessly in Sexy New Photoshoot


Even though Dallas has been cancelled, John Tucker continues to make a yesterday, when this hunky new photoshoot surfaced online.

The photographer is Stephen Busken, and it's not his first time working with Metcalfe. In the past, he also took pictures of the actor for Flaunt magazine. It's unclear what the new shoot is for.

Check out a few more (semi-work unfriendly) shots AFTER THE JUMP...

And check out the full shoot over at Homorazzi.

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Newcomer Robert Kazinsky Talks Steamy Gay 'True Blood' Shaving Scene: VIDEO


British hunk Robert Kazinsky made quite the debut since his first "True Blood" episode, filming a hot and heavy man-on-man shaving scene with Ryan Kwanten this week and a passionate makeout sesh with Anna Paquin--as her husband and costar Stephen Moyer watched.

Toofab caught up with the actor at the premiere for Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim"--Kazinsky plays one of the pilots of the film's giant robots--to ask about the filming the intimate scenes.  Not surprisingly, it turns out it's much less sexy filming such material than it is watching it.

"That was one of the hardest things I've ever shot in my life," Kazinsky told toofab, "solely because we couldn't keep a straight face. Not for one second."  We're sure you couldn't, Rob.

Check out toofab's video interview with Kazinsky, plus the "True Blood" scene in question, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hot Guy Gets Public Body Wax At Toronto Pride: VIDEO


Anyone attending Toronto Pride may have gotten a glimpse of a once hairy man who was wearing nothing but sunglasses, sandals, and body wax strips that covered him over his entire body. Anyone who wanted to could pull any one of the strips, both removing his hair in that area and revealing a coupon for 25% off to Fuzz WaxBar.

Each strip also featured a cartoon face indicating the level of pain it would inflict on the brave model, in addition to humorous quips like "From bear arms to bare arms," "We'll take the monkey off your back," and "You'll walk a little differently." 

For those who were not fortunate enough to witness the publicity stunt (devised by marketing co. Lowe Roche) in person, feel free to check out the highlight video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Freddie Ljungberg Too Hot for Stockholm


Freddie Ljungberg has been stripped from the streets of Stockholm by Swedish bureaucrats who think the Calvin Klein billboard images of him are too racy. From The Local:

"They think it is too sexist," Hans Lindeblad, CEO of Lindeblad & Wedin, Calvin Klein's Swedish marketing agency, told Stockholm City. "It's nuts," he added.

I think he meant sexy, not sexist (she's on top after all), but anyway. We agree with Hans. Footballer eye candy should definitely have a place on the billboards of the world.

(via paul's world)


Swiss Soccer Widow Bait Now Online

Swiss1 Swiss2
Swiss3 Swiss4

The Swiss Tourism ad I posted about last week, targeted at women whose husbands may be preoccupied with football during this summer's World Cup, is now online. Aside from the hunky men and the brief glimpse of German football star Michael Ballack, I love the fact that the male Reuters reporter gets all giddy about the parade of beefcake. Says Reuters' Ben Fajzullin: "Could be more exciting than the event itself!"

It's the Plumber, I've Come to Fix the Tourism [tr]


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