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Surprising Study Finds Gay, Bi Teens More Likely To Get Pregnant Than Straight Peers


A study survey of 10,000 New York City teens over the course of three years revealed that gay and bisexual teens are twice as likely to get pregnant over their heterosexual peers reports The survey study conducted through the Center for Disease Control measured sexual orientation in two different ways: how an individual behaves sexually and how an individual labels their sexuality. 

The study found that women who identify as bisexual or lesbian, along with women who chose not to label their sexuality but admitted to sleeping with men and women, were more likely to experience a pregnancy than the 14.3 percent of heterosexual female students and 10.8 percent of heterosexual male students who experience one. The same results apply to men who identify as gay, bisexual or admit to sleeping with both men and women. 

It's unclear why the rates are higher among LGB youth however, the possibility of LGB youth hiding their true orientations through entering heterosexual relationships combined with a lack of proper sexual education is listed as a possible reason for the higher LGB youth pregnancy rate.

Federal Judge Again Tosses Gay Couple's Lawsuit Against Airline Over Sex Toy Taped To Luggage


A federal judge has again thrown out a gay couple's lawsuit against United Airlines alleging that a baggage handler removed a sex toy from their bag and taped it to the outside to humiliate them. 

Last week we told you how the lawsuit from Christopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger was finally headed to trial four years after the incident. But after three days of testimony, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt granted summary judgment to the airline. 

The Houston Chronicle reports: 

Hoyt decided that the plaintiffs never proved their case, which remains a "whodunit," the judge noted, because no one with TSA or United was revealed as the definite perpetrator in the mystery of the rifled and manipulated bag.

"If you have two operatives and you do not eliminate one of those operatives by clear and convincing evidence, then you cannot go to judgement. There's nothing to submit to the jury – especially in light of the fact that you didn't sue both of them," Hoyt explained from the bench.

"You have not presented clear and convincing evidence that TSA did not handle these bags and cause the situation that occurred. … In fact we know TSA handled these bags. We know that they scan them and in many instances they go into bags."

The couple's attorney says he plans to appeal Hoyt's decision. Hoyt initially threw out the case in 2012, only to have it reinstated by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In case you're wondering, United Airlines maintains a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index.  

Gay Couple's Lawsuit Against Airline Over Sex Toy Taped To Their Luggage Finally Heads To Trial


Four years after baggage handlers removed a sex toy from a gay couple's luggage and taped it to the outside of one of their bags, their federal lawsuit against Continental Airlines is finally going to trial this week. 

The Houston Chronicle reports: 

Christopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger filed the suit after a trip to Costa Rica in May 2011. They returned to the United States on a Continental flight through Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport, cleared customs and rechecked their bags for the domestic trip home to Norfolk, Va.

Upon retrieving their belongings, they discovered an unexpected object taped between the zipper of one piece of luggage: A purple sex toy. The Virginia couple's 2012 federal lawsuit, filed in Houston, alleges that the device had been removed purposefully from the duffle and slathered with a greasy, foul-smelling substance to embarrass them. The petition claims the airline's baggage handlers intentionally inflicted emotional distress and invaded their privacy by searching through their luggage.

Reports about the incident, with many featuring photos of the sex toy, went viral after the couple's lawsuit was filed. From an NBC News story in 2012: 

Onlookers began laughing when they saw the bag, causing the men severe emotional trauma, according to the lawsuit.

Bridgeman speculated an airline employee went through the bag — which was closed with a simple zipper — found the sex toy, saw that it belonged to a man and decided to humiliate the owner.

“I absolutely, fervently believe that this was intentional,” Bridgeman, 34, told NBC News. “It was very sick and it was very wrong and it was just maliciously taped to the top and targeted because we’re gay.”

A district judge initially dismissed the case, but it was reinstated by an appeals court. Continental's new parent company — United Continental Holdings — has continued to unsuccessfully attempt to get it thrown out. From the Chronicle:  

The lawsuit claims that Bridgeman and Borger "experienced extreme shock and horror" when they saw their toy exposed and "when observing the surprised and/or laughing faces of numerous onlookers in the baggage claim area."

The men, who are in their 30s, claim that they experienced "such a high degree of shock and embarrassment that they felt compelled to call two friends to come to the airport to assist them."

According to court records, Bridgeman, a real estate agent, and Borger, an architect, report that the incident caused them severe emotional distress that resulted in anxiety, paranoia, sleeping difficulties and body weight fluctuations.

Jeb Bush Again Blows Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Dog Whistle in Liberty University Commencement Speech: VIDEO

Jeb Bush

During his commencement address at Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University in Virginia on Saturday, Jeb Bush accused the Obama administration of using “coercive federal power” to prevent Christians from pursuing their right to discriminate, reports TPM.

The former Florida governor did not specifically mention same-sex marriage but said that “easy favor of religious freedom have instead become an aggressive stance against it."

Although alluding to “the dignity of every person”, Bush warned about the consequences when Christians "don’t genuflect to the latest political dogmas.”

"Somebody here is being small-minded and intolerant, and it sure isn’t the nuns, ministers, and laymen and women who ask only to live and practice their faith. Federal authorities are demanding obedience, in complete disregard of religious conscience — and in a free society, the answer is no.

"The stories vary, year after year, but the storyline is getting familiar: The progressive political agenda is ready for its next great leap forward, and religious people or churches are getting in the way. Our friends on the left like to view themselves as the agents of change and reform, and you and I are supposed to just get with the program.”

Bush also went after "secular dogmas," saying:

“Those dogmas can be hard to keep up with. So we find officials in a major city demanding that pastors turn over copies of their sermons. Or federal judges mistaking themselves for elected legislators, and imposing restrictions and rights that do not exist in the Constitution. Or an agency dictating to a Catholic charity, the Little Sisters of the Poor, what has to go in their health plan – and never mind objections of conscience.”

Watch the speech in full, AFTER THE JUMP...

In March, Bush spoke out in favor of religious right to discriminate laws. 

Announcing his 2016 White House bid while at Liberty University back in March, Sen. Ted Cruz asked America to imagine a world where gays stay second class citizens

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Virginia's Largest School District Now Protects Trans Students and Employees From Discrimination

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.07.53 PM

Virginia's Fairfax County School Board passed an amendment on Thursday that protects transgender students, staff and faculty from discrimination reports BuzzFeed. Fairfax's decision upsets a trend set by two other school districts in Virginia that banned trans students from using single-sex facilities that match their gender identity.

Fairfax is the largest school system in Virginia with more than 186,000 students. School board member Ryan McElveen, a proponent behind the amendment, said the proposal is designed to bring a "new age of respect," for transgender individuals.

Said McElveen:

"Whenever we make a decision, it has bearing on state and national policy, and we are hoping this will bring a new age of respect and valuing of transgender and gender-nonconforming students and employees.

"We have never had a single complaint about a student's restroom use, sports team participation, or transgender staff raised to our level (on the school board), and I think that proves we have handled our cases successfully. Our policy is not changing our practices."

However, the passage of the amendment proved contentious when opponents and supporters of the amendment crowded the meeting room, with opponents attempting to frame the debate around whether the amendment would "let boys snoop in girls' restrooms." Debates between the two groups proved so acrimonious that security was called to mitigate the tension between them.

Virginia #RFRA Sponsor Says Opponents To ‘Religious Liberty’ Are Discriminating Against Straight People: LISTEN

Bob Marshall

Anti-gay Virginia Republican delegate Bob Marshall has said opponents of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) are implying that “heterosexuals cannot be the best and the brightest,” reports Right Wing Watch.

In January, Marshall introduced the new legislation that would allow for widespread discrimination against LGBT people in the state. In 2006, he co-authored Virginia’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Speaking with radio host John Fredericks, Marshall took issue with a letter written by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe inviting businesses to relocate to his state’s “open, inclusive and thriving business environment.” Such statements, Marshall complained, are derogatory to straight people:

“When you actually look at the rhetoric, that you need these laws to hire the best and the brightest, that kind of like is a sweeping statement that says that heterosexuals cannot be the best and the brightest.”

Marshall also objected to claims that religious conscience clauses would diminish the rights of gay people:

“My question is, what possible rights can a person who has this inclination have that you don’t have right now? I mean, homosexuals go to public schools, they can go to colleges, they vote, they drive cars, they have businesses, they go to country clubs. I don’t know what else is needed.”


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