Posts from November 4, 2012

Movies: Denzel is High as a Kite in ‘Flight’


Denzel loses control in FLIGHT BY NATHANIEL ROGERS YOUR FEATURE PRESENTATION No one can fly a plane like Captain Whip (Denzel Washington). Unfortunately no one can drink like him either. Within the first fifteen or so minutes of Flight, the new drama…

Marriage Equality Ahead In Maine And Minnesota Polls


The latest Public Policy Polling survey on the marriage equality votes going down in Minnesota and Maine next week shows that most voters appear to support same-sex nuptials, but the numbers in Maine are also closer than they were in polls past. From…

Ali Forney Center For LGBT Youth Destroyed By Sandy


This is a huge blow to an already bloated, under-funded network of support for homeless or displaced LGBT youth here in New York City: the Ali Forney Center on 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues was completely flooded during last week's Hu…