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Towleroad Talking Points: An Old Lady's T*ts

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Saturns superstorm puts Sandy to shame 


A look back at today's top stories


David Pakman got a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt to fight to the death!. Or just spew crazy at each other. Rick Warren was on CNN's Piers Morgan last night and he talked about feelings that he has that he knows he should never act on. Over on Fox News, Dr. Keith Ablow got all blustery about a mom giving her son a doll. Also blowhard Glenn Beck pooled his brain cells to make some kind of weird anti-Obama art

Four gay men are suing JONAH, a Judaism affiliated 'ex-gay' conversion therapy organization. And in Florida, a video has come to light that shows the proper way to take down a fundamentalist preacher


After allowing a Salvation Army representative to come on her show and lie with impunity, Current TV host Stephanie Miller issued a mea culpa today. After thrashing the show that has made him the richest child on television, Angus T. Jones also apologized. No word yet on what the show has planned for him. Also our old pal Mitt Romney was in the news. He has been named the least influential person of the year. Sounds about right. 



I have found my favorite video of the year. This woman has a whole hell of a lot to say to a local news team. Speaking of t*ts, Novak Djokovic takes some time to air his out

Lastly enjoy the first installment of a funny series about what we all secretly wished for; a gay roommate for our freshman year

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Britney's balls are on fire, bitch.


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Illinois Legislature May Vote on Marriage Equality Bill in January

Lambda Legal and the ACLU visited the Illinois capitol in Springfield today with 10 gay and lesbian couples to lobby lawmakers on marriage equality, Lambda reports:

ILToday plaintiff couples in Darby v. Orr and Lazaro v. Orr, the lawsuits brought by Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Illinois seeking the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Illinois, met with legislators to urge them to vote in favor of a bill ending the ban on marriage for same-sex couples in Illinois.  The bill, House Bill 5710, The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, could be voted on by the Illinois General Assembly in January 2013.

The couples filed lawsuits challenging the state's ban on same-sex marriage in May. The Cook County State's Attorney office backed their challenge shortly thereafter.

According to a poll released in September, support for marriage equality has seen a 10-point increase in Illinois in just two years.

Earlier this month, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said "the time is now" for marriage equality, calling it one of his top priorities.

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Jared Leto Discusses Emotional and Physical Challenges for Role as Transsexual Woman with AIDS


(photo by Terry Richardson. More here)

Jared Leto is playing a transsexual in his new film The Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto recently spoke to ET about the project:

In Dallas Buyers Club, Leto plays a transsexual named Rayon and tells ET the process of transforming into her has been life changing. "It's a lot of work to be a pretty little girl. I have a newfound respect for women in general," he said at The IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards.

"I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows. I've lost a lot of weight because I'm playing a young person with AIDS. It's been challenging but really inspiring too." Leto told me that it was the opportunity to tell this story that lured him back to acting.

"I haven't made a movie in 5 years. I thought it was a beautifully written script [and] a wonderful character, who I just fell in love with. I figured if I was going to come back and act again, this was the one to do it."

The movie also stars Matthew McConaughey, who has also lost much weight for the film. Here's its synopsis on IMDB:

Loosely based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live. He started taking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AZT, the only legal drug available in the U.S, which brought him to the brink of death. To survive, he smuggled non-toxic, anti-viral medications from all over the world, but yet still illegal in the U.S. Other AIDS patients sought out his medications forgoing hospitals, doctors and AZT. With the help of his Doctor, Eve Saks and a fellow patient, Rayon, Ron unintentionally created the Dallas Buyers Club, the first of dozens which would form around the country, providing its paying members with these alternative treatments. The clubs, growing in numbers and clientele, were brought to the attention of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies which waged an all out war on Ron. "DBC" follows Ron Woodroof's personal fight to survive which lasted 2191 days when he died on September 12, 1992, six years after he was diagnosed with the HIV virus.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1256

ARMANDO AND SCOTT: The Rainbow Roots project profiles a couple who just celebrated their fourth anniversary.


SPEED DINING: Corn on the Cob.

TOM DALEY: The Mobot.

For previous Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Yoko Ono, Independent Spirit, Christo, Lunch with Romney

RoadThousands of people are Instagramming their Powerball tickets.

OnoRoadYoko Ono, fashion designer.

RoadObama to lunch with Romney: "On Thursday, Governor Romney will have a private lunch at the White House with President Obama in the Private Dining Room. It will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election. There will be no press coverage of the meeting."

RoadHarvey Milk, George Moscone remembered at SF City Hall 34 years after their assassinations: "But as Assemblyman Tom Ammiano stood on the steps of San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday to commemorate the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk inside the building in 1978, his was ultimately a message of victory."

RoadKeep the Lights On, How to Survive a Plague among nominees for this year's Independent Spirit Awards.

RoadChris Colfer and Zachary Quinto are 'Mavericks' in Details magazine.

RoadACLU files brief in City of Philadelphia's lawsuit against the Boy Scouts: "The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the city of Philadelphia's appeal from a jury verdict that it was "unreasonable" for the city to require the Boy Scouts of America's Cradle of Liberty affiliate to certify that it would not discriminate against gay scout members and leaders as a condition of continuing its rent-free use of city property for its headquarters building at 21st and Spring Streets."

RoadDemi Moore's new 26-year-old boyfriend.

CrawfordRoadUK gay man fights to clear criminal record from the 50's: "Mr Crawford received a year's conditional discharge at Winchester Crown Court in 1959 after he was convicted of a sexual offence. 'It was something that gays had to go through in those days. If you were gay you were in trouble with the police. Gay guys don't realise how lucky they are to be able to kiss in the street. In my time in the '50s you'd be arrested instantly. I came into this world without a criminal record and I don't want to die with a criminal record.'"

RoadZERO women will lead the major House committees in the 113th Congress.

RoadVIDEO: Huge tornado filmed in Italy.

RoadABC News covers the opening of a gay mosque in Paris: "The Unity" mosque will initially operate in a Buddhist temple in a neighborhood in eastern Paris, and will emphasize "accepting everyone as equally God's creation....I hope straight men will pray together with gay men and women, everyone," said Zahed who declines to make public the address of the venue, due to security concerns.

RoadLambda Legal's Jon Davidson: What is DOMA and why is it bad? American Constitution Society: Edie Windsor case may be Supreme Court's best contender.

ChristoRoadChristo plans 490-foot 'Mastaba', taller than the Great Pyramid, in the Abu Dhabi desert, made from 400,000 multi-colored oil barrels.

RoadThis dude is 'Down 2 Boink'.

RoadHispanic caucus seeks UAFA-inclusive immigration reform: 'The Congressional Hispanic Caucus made public on Wednesday a nine-item list of principles for comprehensive legislation titled, “One Nation: Principles on Immigration Reform & Our Commitment to the American Dream.' The second item on the list makes a direct reference to same-sex couples, saying the caucus is committed to reform that."

RoadThe Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission has sided with the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization in discrimination complaint against t-shrit company.

RoadNew information on HIV: "Health officials say 1 in 5 new HIV infections occur in a tiny segment of the population — young men who are gay or bisexual. The government on Tuesday released new numbers that spotlight how the spread of the AIDS virus is heavily concentrated in young males who have sex with other males. Only about a quarter of new infections in the 13-to-24 age group are from injecting drugs or heterosexual sex."

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