Posts from November 28, 2012

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1256

ARMANDO AND SCOTT: The Rainbow Roots project profiles a couple who just celebrated their fourth anniversary. AMERICA'S SOUTHWEST: A time-lapse. SPEED DINING: Corn on the Cob. TOM DALEY: The Mobot. For previous Guides to the Tube, click HERE.…

Too Much Information: VIDEO


There was some kind of explosion in a Portland neighborhood and one of the locals felt the need to share some non-vital information with the news reporter. “I know that’s not why I’m on TV but it’s true. It’s true. I’m not here to lie to you.” Watch,…

Superstorm Spotted on Saturn: PHOTO


Hurricane Sandy has nothing on this: This image, captured on 27 November by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, stares into the storm's sinister eye from 361,000 kilometres away. The spacecraft observed in infrared wavelengths, which can peer through…