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Towleroad Talking Points: Twenty-Something

 PHOTO OF THE DAY: Dan Savage and Terry Miller's wedding portrait


A look back at today's top stories


Yesterday we reported on a trip that Supreme Court Justice Scalia took to Princeton University and how he was pressed about his stance on gay rights there. Well now the student who asked Scalia the question is talking about his experience. New York City Council Speaker (and potential future NYC mayor) Christine Quinn was also very offended by Scalia's remarks. And what self-respecting gay person or ally wouldn't be?

The University of Iowa is making history by becoming the first public institution to ask applicants about their orientation and gender identity. In other potential history making news, same-sex marriage may be legal in England next year. Although not if you want to have one in an Anglican Church. 

Jon Stewart sat down with gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to talk about a range of issues including the upcoming Supreme Court cases and his coming out. Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert took a look at some of the most successful and juice-creating techniques for curing homosexuality



George Takei recently had, what one can only presume was a bizarre, lunch with Donald Trump and today he told Thomas Roberts all about it. Also the gay winners from The Amazing Race sat down with the ladies of The Talk to share their experience on the show




A masked gunman opened fire in a Portland area mall last night killing himself and two others. The efforts of one Macy's employee are being called heroic today

The Family Research Council has announced that they will boycott UPS because the parcel service has cut funding to the Boy Scouts over their anti-gay policies. Wow UPS is really gonna feel that. Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and John McCain got together last night to blow a whole lot of hot air and generally sound crazy regarding same-sex marriage. 



Filmmaker Blake Pruitt interviewed a bunch of 20-somethings on gay life in New York City. I am personally shocked that I didn't recognize anyone on there from OkCupid. Also Dan Savage wants to help you find out if you are freaky in bed

2012 is winding down and Google already has its Year in Review video set to go

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Downton Abbey's Gay Footman Rob James-Collier Asked About 'Male-on-Male' Kissing on 'The View': VIDEO


Downton Abbey Actors Rob James-Collier, Jim Carter, and Hugh Bonneville appeared on The View today and Joy Behar had some specific questions for James-Collier about kissing a man.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

(h/t tncrm)

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AFA Hater Bryan Fischer Forecasts Abortions of Gay Babies, Says New Study Suggests Homosexuality is a 'Birth Defect': VIDEO


American Family Association radio host is excited about the announcement yesterday in which researchers said they may have identified epigenetic reasons for homosexuality, Right Wing Watch reports.

Writes Fischer:

The scientists in Koebler’s article, in my view, are now resorting to genetic subterfuge and are coming dangerously close to saying that homosexuality is the result of a genetic defect, a genetic abnormality. In other words, read from one angle, these same scientists are saying that homosexuality is the result of a birth defect...

...In fact, I expect that if this theory gains some currency, it will not be long before we have legislation from the homoexual lobby prohibiting “sex-selection” abortions on any child carrying this epi-marker.

Watch him repeat the same sentiment on his radio show, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tammy Baldwin Assigned Seats on Senate Panels with Jurisdiction Over Key LGBT Bills

Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin has been assigned to several key panels, the Washington Blade reports:

BaldwinIn a notice published Wednesday, the Democratic Steering Committee announced it has selected Baldwin, who’ll be the first openly gay member of the U.S. Senate, to sit on four committees: the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee; the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee; the Senate Special Committee on Aging; and the Senate Budget Committee.

The Senate HELP Committee has jurisdiction over a key piece of pro-LGBT legislation — the Employment Non-Discrimination Act — as well as the measures that would address school bullying known as the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

Meanwhile, the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over a pro-LGBT bill that Baldwin has long championed in the U.S. House — the Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act — which would extend health and pension benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees.

More at the Blade...

House committee assignments have yet to be assigned.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1265

KEO NOZARI: "Christmas Came Early".

SOUTHERN KNIGHTS: "Set during the exuberance between Stonewall and AIDS, Southern Knights is the story of one man's struggle to reclaim his world after losing the love of his life in the tragic fire at the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans."

TOM GOSS: Blogger Jeff 4 Justice interviews the singer-songwriter about gays and body image.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: AFER's Matt Baume updates us on next steps for the Prop.8 and DOMA cases.

For previous Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Colton Haynes, Gay Fish, Ian McKellen, Liar Romney

RoadNew England Boy Scout leader reaches out to PFLAG to speak to his troop.

HaynesRoadColton Haynes to play Stephen Amell's sidekick in The Arrow.

RoadWhere are they now? The coat-wearing IKEA monkey.

RoadRomney's claim that Barack Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" is selected as PolitiFact's 2012 'Lie of the Year': "It’s not that President Obama and his campaign team were above falsehoods, either. Their TV ads distorted Romney’s positions on abortion and immigration to make them seem more extreme than they actually were. A pro-Obama super PAC even created an ad suggesting Romney was responsible for a woman’s death when her husband lost his job at a Bain-controlled company. But the Jeep ad was brazenly false."

RoadThe Wanted: Lindsay Lohan plans to skip court to follow boy band.

RoadIan McKellen does not have prostate cancer.

RoadSCOTUSITIS: The CDC warning of a new outbreak. "Symptoms include endless hand-wringing, sleepless night, anxiety attacks and the inability to have a conversation without blurting out the latest speculation about marriage and the Supreme Court of the United States."

MollyRoadGay interactions increase this male fish species' attractiveness to straight females. "Hence, direct benefits for males of exhibiting homosexual behaviour may help explain its occurrence and persistence in species in which females rely on mate choice copying as one component of mate quality assessment."

My Ex-boyfriend the Space Tyrant: A gay-themed adventure video game.

RoadDana Milbank: "If Scalia is to honor his own principle, he’ll vote to strike down DOMA and give his blessing to those states that wish to legalize gay marriage. But don’t count on it."

RoadTom Hardy, still looking good under that beard.

RoadStudy: Stronger boys live longer.

RoadSuburgatory's Parker Young is trying to get noticed, and it's working.

PerryRoadRick Perry: "Banning abortion is my goal."

RoadSouth Beach's gay Lords Hotel up for sale.

RoadEvita to close on January 26: "Our extensive search for a new cast presented the significant challenges of not only replacing a high-caliber trio of stars but also synchronizing the schedules of potential replacements with that of the production," said Mr. Luftig. "Despite going down the road with a variety of artists, the planets have simply not aligned for us to engage the right talent at the right time. Therefore, we have made the decision to end this incredible journey on a high note on January 26 with our original stars intact."

RoadSports Illustrated honors Brendon Ayanbadejo for gay rights advocacy: "When three fundamentalist teammates staged what Ayanbadejo called 'an intervention,' he whipped out (a pro-gay marriage letter from a) minister. When teammates use an expression like 'that’s so gay,' he’ll get in their faces so reliably that many now reflexively add, 'Sorry, B.A.!'"

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