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9th Circuit Says San Diego Can Offer Low Rent To Anti-Gay Boy Scouts

ScoutshonorA three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today said that San Diego can continue offering the Boy Scouts of America lower-than-normal rents even though the BSA maintains its discriminatory policies of forbidding LGBT people and atheists, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“There is no evidence that the city’s purpose in leasing the subject properties to the Boy Scouts was to advance religion, and there is abundant evidence that its purpose was to provide facilities and services for youth activities,” wrote Judge William C. Canby Jr. wrote in the panel's unanimous decision.

The lawsuit was brought by a lesbian couple and an atheist couple who claimed by giving the BSA such rents, San Diego was breaking state and national laws by renting the space for as low as zero. You'll recall that Philadelphia found itself in a similar position a few years ago.

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Vatican-Allied Historian Compares Marriage Equality To Communism

CommunistposterThe Vatican really knows how to make good use of hyperbole, what with their constant warnings that LGBT equality will destroy society, devalues humanity and invites God's wrath.

The latest example of such histrionics can be found in the Vatican's semi-official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

As the Washington Post points out, Vatican historian Lucetta Scaraffia penned a piece this week that claims those fighting for equality are simply charlatans who, like communists, want to dupe an adoring public into following them on a death march.

Historian Lucetta Scaraffia compared proponents of gay marriage, with their championing of “marriage equality,” to 20th-century communists who wooed millions with their promise of perfect social and economical equality.

In her L’Osservatore Romano article, Scaraffia echoed and developed Benedict’s argument [offends human truth]. To equate a traditional marriage between a man and a woman with a union between homosexuals amounts to a “negation of truth,” which would undermine “one of the basic structures of human society, family,” she wrote.

In the long run, she concluded, societies will end up paying "a very high price" for destroying family, "as it happened in the past with the attempts to create a complete social and economical equality."

Man, I never ever thought our opponents would figure out our plan, but there it is, in black and white. The jig is up...

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Watch Cory Booker Announce Potential 2014 Senate Race: VIDEO


Earlier it was simply unnamed sources talking about how Newark Mayor Cory Booker was planning to run for U.S. Senate in 2014.

Now Booker's doing the talking - in a video AFTER THE JUMP, the Democrat explains that while he loves Newark and his job, there's more work to be done in the Garden State and the nation, so he's "considering" a 2014 Senate race. We know what that means...

Watch Booker explain himself AFTER THE JUMP.

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Anderson Cooper Remembers AIDS Activist Spencer Cox: VIDEO


Yesterday I mentioned the sad passing of AIDS activist Spencer Cox. Anderson Cooper and Rosie Perez today acknowledged Cox's important work for ACT-UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group) as well as How to Survive a Plague, the film that chronicles the efforts of those groups to obtain important medicine in the early days of the AIDS crisis.


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Illinois Groups Form Coalition to Pass Marriage Equality in January

As we've mentioned earlier on Towleroad, efforts are underway to put a marriage equality bill in front of the Illinois legislature in January, and now word comes from Lambda Legal that a new coalition has been formed, Illinois Unites, to work toward getting the bill passed.

IllinoisunitesLambda Legal writes:

Illinois Unites brings together a diverse group of individuals and organizations from across Illinois, including business groups, labor, faith organizations, Republicans, Democrats and grassroots supporters. The coalition is being organized by Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois.

The legislation, currently called HB 5170, would give gay and lesbian couples in Illinois the freedom to marry and thereby enter a life-long commitment of responsibility and respect.  Recent polling indicates that a majority in Illinois supports giving same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Meanwhile, national polls as well as the November elections confirm that the American people have turned a corner on the issue. 

The three founding organizations of Illinois Unites for Marriage believe that the government should have a statewide policy treating all Illinoisans with dignity and respect. The coalition is working closely with the bill’s lead sponsors, Representative Greg Harris (D-Chicago) and Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago), who announced last week they would seek a January vote on the measure.

The Illinois marriage bill respects religious freedom. Every church and religious group will make its own decisions about whether to allow same-sex couples to marry in their faith. Faiths that do not want to embrace same-sex marriage will not have to.

The three founding organizations of Illinois Unites for Marriage believe that all Illinoisans deserve a statewide policy of fairness, dignity and equal treatment.  Nine states plus the District of Columbia have already given same-sex couples the freedom to marry: Iowa, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maryland.

 Said Jim Bennett, Regional Director of Lambda Legal. “The momentum is undeniable – allowing same-sex couples to marry is the right thing for Illinois. It’s best for our state that our government treat all families with equity and respect. Nine other states now have full marriage equality. It’s time for Illinois to act.”

Added Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois, the state's oldest and largest LGBT advocacy organization: "We are uniting to urge members of the Illinois General Assembly to let all Illinoisans express their love and life-long commitment through civil marriage."

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2012, the Year in Unnecessary Censorship: VIDEO


Jimmy Kimmel rounds up the "best of" his weekly hilarious tributes to the FCC.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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