Posts from July 30, 2013

PA Sues To Stop Same-Sex Marriages In Montgomery County


The Pennsylvania Department of Public Health today filed a state lawsuit to prevent Montgomery County and its clerk, D. Bruce Hanes, from issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples, the AP reports. Hanes first started granting marriage liscenses t…

A Gay Traveler’s Account Of His Trip To Uganda


Clark Harding, writer for Out Traveler, had been planing a trip to Africa to go primate-sighting, to have his "Sigourney moment", as he called it. The only problem was that the best destination to see gorillas in the mist is in Uganda, and…

LGBT Advocacy Groups To Picket Russian Consulate Tomorrow


Two New York based LGBT groups will be protesting the Russian consulate tomorrow, according to a joint press release. One group, RUSA LGBT, is an organization for Russian-speaking members of the community, and has reportedly welcomed "many LGBT…