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Vicious Mob Attack On Two Gay Teens No Longer Considered A Hate Crime: VIDEO

Jefferson atlanta

Atlanta police have decided that a violent group attack on two gay students will no longer be designated a hate crime, reports Daily News.

Four students were charged after allegedly participating in the attack on two gay teens at Carver School of Technology.

16-year-old Tim Jefferson said that he was leaving the school with his friend when classmates began shouting racial and homophobic slurs. He claims that one student jammed a screwdriver right next to his eye and that the school principal stood by and did nothing to help.

AttackCell phone video shows dozens of students huddled around during a “5-round fight with punches being thrown by as many as 20 students at one point.”

Jefferson’s mother said that he has been attacked about eight times this year because he is gay. She is transferring her son to another school because a student involved in the attack promised to shoot him if he returns.

A police report filed on Tuesday described the assault as two friends being jumped by a mob of 20 teens “because they were gay.” However, a spokeswoman said that video surveillance has changed the department’s take on the attack which is no longer considered a hate crime.

The school has declined to comment.

Watch a report, which includes the disturbing cell phone footage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Golden Girls' Super Fan Gets Golden Ink: VIDEO

Golden Girls Tattoo

As mothers around the nation can attest, nothing says love and admiration quite like a tattoo. H. Alan Scott, super fan of classic 80s sitcom The Golden Girls, decided to express his dedication in the same way, though not for his mother but for Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy. Now that's being a friend.

You can watch him get tatted up AFTER THE JUMP...


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Aussie Funnyman Travels Across the Globe Asking Strangers 'G'Day Mate! How You Going?' - VIDEO

Gday Mate

Everyone loves an Aussie, but the accent can be quite the hurdle for Americans caught unawares. Kieran Murray is on a trek across Europe and North America, and along the way he's stopping to confound random strangers with his charming linguistic skills by asking them to repeat the traditional Australian greeting: "G'day mate! How you going?"

The reactions are...interesting, particularly from New Yorkers and one especially cracked out Los Angeleno in part 2. You can watch both part 1 and 2 AFTER THE JUMP...

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Facebook Suggested Gay Man's Rapist Under 'People You May Know': VIDEO

Kevin Kantor

Earlier this month, spoken word poet Kevin Kantor delivered the powerful poem "People You May Know" at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

The poem, recounting Kantor's experience of coming across his rapist's Facebook profile, opens: "When my rapist showed up under the 'people you may know' tab on Facebook, it felt like the closest to a crime scene I've ever been."

Eg0tvL65Kantor hopes his performance will provide a voice to male survivors of sexual assault, especially those who weren't believed when they spoke about being attacked.

"If nothing else, I hope people realize that the systems in place that work to shame and silence male survivors of sexual violence are the same ones that work to invalidate the voices all survivors: women, trans* people, gender non-conforming folk.

"I was asked why I, as a man, didn't 'fight back,' in a society that privileges and presupposes a dominant masculine identity. I believe one of the first steps in advocating for all survivors of sexual violence and abolishing our country's pervasive rape culture is championing the cause of gender equality."

Watch Kantor's performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Emotional Pop Culture Supercut Of Road To Marriage Equality Includes 'Golden Girls' And 'Glee': VIDEO

SSM video

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has posted a video tracking pop culture's journey towards same-sex marriage.

The ACLU filed the first freedom-to-marry lawsuit in the United States in 1970. 45 years later they are at the Supreme Court to fight to win the freedom to marry for couples in all 50 states.

Backed by Tegan & Sara's "Closer," the video, which may bring a tear to the eye, includes clips from Thirtysomething, Longtime Companion, The Kids Are All Right, Roseanne, Glee, ER, Orange is the New Black, Will and Grace, In & Out, Transparent, The Wire, The Golden Girls, The Real World, Northern Exposure, Friends, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, and The Birdcage.

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FACT: Ignore Trolls And They'll Go Away - VIDEO


Beware, commenters.

New research out of Stanford and Cornell may be helpful in identifying and wiping out trolls for good, reports TIME.

Troll_nicht_fuettern_gruenAnalyzing more than 40 million posts by around 1.7 million users over 18 months, it was discovered that trolls write differently than everyone else, often going off topic (sound familiar?) and saying more negative things.

In addition, trolls were found to make more comments per day and post more times on each thread.

The research also identifies the process by which (possibly) decent people gradually become the bane of everyone’s existence: they start off surly, are met with opposition, get pissed off and finally go into conniptions when their posts are deleted.

Unfortunately, the study doesn’t consider sarcastic super-trolls who “purposefully ask overly naive questions or state contrary viewpoints.”

Ultimately, it turns out that if you subscribe to the “ignore them, they’ll go away” school of thought, you are absolutely correct - trolls “receive more replies than average users, suggesting that they might be successful in luring others into fruitless, time-consuming discussions.”

Discover exactly why you've morphed into a troll, AFTER THE JUMP...

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