Posts from November 27, 2012

Seeing ‘How AIDS Ends’


BY ARI EZRA WALDMAN We're so busy falling over cliffs or sliding down slopes and waiting with bated breadth for word about whether the Constitution recognizes the equal dignity of gay persons that we sometimes forget that a long life…

A Sad Anniversary


Thirty-four years ago today. RIP Milk and Moscone, and thank you. Happening later this afternoon in SF: Join the Moscone & Milk Family, Mayor Lee, Mayor Brown, Current & Past Supervisors, the SFGM Chorus, and Friends of Mayor Moscone and Supe…

Brad Pitt Talks Marriage Equality, Marijuana: VIDEO


Brad Pitt sat down with MTV News on a junket for his new film Killing Them Softly and talked about his support for marriage equality and his opposition to the war on drugs, adding that he doesn't understand why the two are sometimes linked in the…