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Lauren Bacall, Legendary Actress of Stage And Screen, Dead At 89

BacallThe Hollywood icon passed away in New York on Tuesday, reportedly suffering a stroke according to USA Today. Bacall, 89, was a larger than life figure known for her husky voice and sensual performances. Originally a model and stage actress, she was cast in her break-out role by director Howard Hawks in 1944’s To Have and Have Not opposite Humphrey Bogart. Bogart was 44 and unhappily married when the pair met. While Bacall was only 19 at the time, the pair quickly fell in love. “Bogie and Bacall” were married in 1945 and were together for 12 more years until Bogart’s death in 1957. Her career thrived throughout many periods of her life, as The LA Times notes

“[Bacall] costarred with many of the eras biggest names, Kirk Douglas in "Young Man With a Horn", Gary Cooper in "Bright Leaf," Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe in "How to Marry a Millionaire," John Wayne in "Blood Alley," Rock Hudson in "Written on the Wind" and Gregory Peck in "Designing Woman." […]

Bacall returned to her Broadway roots many times. She appeared in the 1959-60 comedy "Goodbye Charlie," the 1965-68 comedy "Cactus Flower" and the 1970-72 musical "Applause," which earned her her first Tony Award.

In 1996, Bacall appeared as the meddling mother to Barbra Streisand in "The Mirror Has Two Faces," a role for which Bacall received her only Academy Award nomination as supporting actress.

She was considered a shoo-in to take home the Oscar but lost out to Juliette Binoche for "The English Patient.” 

Bacall did go on to receive an honorary academy award in 2009. Though awards and nominations were merely icing on the cake:

"Listen, I never went into this business thinking of winning anything," she said. "I went into it because I loved it and I wanted to be good at it. It was a form of expression for me. I love to hide behind characters. So [any recognition] I get is a perk. It's just an extra. Just the fact that all that happened to me last year, it is--well--fabulous."

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Robin Williams Fans Show Their Love At 'Good Will Hunting' Bench: VIDEO


Robin Williams fans are still reeling over the actor's unexpected passing. Many have left their regards and flowers at the actor's star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Others have turned to places from films Williams starred in.

Some of the most touching of these displays have been in the Boston Public Garden, which was the site of the famous bench scene in Good Will Hunting, the movie for which Williams won his Oscar. Many have written quotes from the film around the garden, and some, controversially, have left beer bottles as a nod to Williams' struggle with alcohol.

Check out pictures of the Boston fan tribute at Mashable, and check out the park bench scene from Good Will Hunting, AFTER THE JUMP...



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Two Iranian Men Reportedly Hanged For Being Gay

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73dff95a7970d-200wiThe Daily Beast reports that two Iranian men, Abdullah Ghavami Chahzanjiru and Salman Ghanbari Chahzanjiri, were hanged on August 6th, according to at least one report, for “consensual sodomy." Another report is not as specific about the crimes committed by these men but names them as “immoral villains.” Should it be proved that Chahzanjiru and Chahzanjiri were killed for being gay, the tragic event would only further propel the existing narrative that Iran doles out draconian punishments for its gay citizenry

In his piece in The Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson points out that this latest human rights infraction comes as the U.S. is seeking to “engage” Iran diplomatically as tensions continue to escalate in neighboring Iraq due to the emergence of I.S.I.S. and the subsequent unraveling of now ex-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government. Interestingly enough, however, is who amongst this country’s political elite have taken up the mantle of activist humanitarians where the rights of LGBT Iranians are concerned. Michaelson writes:

In the topsy-turvy world that is international LGBT politics, Iran’s record on homosexuality is more a conservative cause than a liberal one…When Iran persecutes gay people, conservatives in the United States suddenly become enamored of gay rights—and bash the Obama administration for not doing enough to defend them. Thus the administration is hit from all sides—at a moment in which it is trying to pursue its dicey diplomatic agenda.

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Azerbaijani Teen Nearly Burned To Death By Parents After They Discover He’s Gay

MapAn 18 year old boy from Azerbaijan has reportedly escaped alive after his parents tried to burn him to death upon learning that he is gay. Though accounts of the horrendous attack have protected the identity of the victim, referring to him only as 'Malik', the boy reportedly still faces danger as do many LGBT individuals in Azerbaijan. Gay Star News reports that Malik endured three months of blackmail from anonymous individuals on Facebook who threatened to send pictures of him at a Pride parade to his parents: 

[Malik’s] parents attempted to burn him with gasoline,’ the LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance reports, adding they punched and kicked him.

‘Even though [Malik] ran away from home, a lot of his personal belongings and documents were taken away by his family….meaning he has no chance to leave the country.’

‘[Malik] is in a safe place right now. However, a threat to his life continues.’

Earlier this year, Isa Shakmarli, an LGBT rights advocate and activist in Azerbaijan, hung himself with a rainbow flag, leaving behind a message on Facebook that only hinted at the harsh conditions gay people face in Azerbaijan: 

“This country and this world are not for me…You are all guilty for my death. This world cannot handle my true colours. Goodbye.”

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Harlem Hate Pastor: Putin Is Getting Ready To Out President Obama - VIDEO


Pastor James David Manning of Harlem’s All The Land Anointed Holy (ATLAH) Missionary Church has looked into the future and seen that Vladimir Putin or "someone from within the Russian government" will out President Obama as a gay man within the next 100 days. It is unclear at this time whether Manning used a crystal ball to “prognosticate” this event. Manning’s comments were made in a YouTube video, as The Independent reports:

"I want to prognosticate today that 100 days from this very hour… Either Vladimir Putin himself or one of his assistants or someone within the Russian government will call Mr Long-Legged Mac Daddy, will call him an outright gay, pervert, homosexual, sodomite,” he alleges in the video below.

"This will happen within 100 days," he said. "We’re starting the countdown today. Tomorrow, obviously, will be 99 days before it will actually take place.”

Manning has a history of vitriolic and baseless attacks against the LGBT community, advocating for the stoning of gays, suggesting Obama is behind a plot to unleash gay "homo demons" on black men, and deeming "faggot" an acceptable term. He has also alleged that basketball player Reggie Love is the President’s secret lover. He made sure to bring up this subject in his latest video, sharing a (clearly imagined) conversation between Love and Obama:

"'Why don’t you set the sodomy community – the homosexual mafia – free?'" he claims Love asked Obama. "'Why don’t you leave five year old boys and girls free to pursue a sexual identity that is condemned by the Bible?' And the Mac Daddy wouldn’t do it.”

Most recently, Manning’s ATLAH church took to its marquee (one of the church's favorite ways of spreading hate) to yet again condemn gays and all those who support them: “All churches & members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness itch then hell 1 Cor. 6:9” — a very creative if inaccurate translation of Corinthians.

Watch Manning's prognostication on Obama's big coming out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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GOP Congressman Says U.S. Foreign Policy 'Obsessed' With LGBT Rights

SmithRepublican Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey recently told anti-gay hate monger Tony Perkins that American foreign policy puts too much emphasis on the “LGBT agenda” and abortion rights, alleging that the U.S. tries to use its economic and political influence to force other nations around the world to protect the rights of LGBT persons and women. Smith fails to explain why this is a bad thing. From BuzzFeed: 

"I do think that unfortunately there's been an obsession by some within the administration, and that goes for the president himself, to promote the abortion agenda and the LGBT agenda in our foreign policy.” […] 

"These issues are what drives this administration on much of our foreign policy, particularly in Africa. And many of these countries deeply resent it because they are profoundly pro-marriage and profoundly pro-life. But when your foreign aid is being limited or conditioned on those two issues, there are some, but thankfully not many, in these governments who begin to weaken," he added.

He also said of the post-2015 United Nations Development Agenda that "reproductive rights is put in there and the U.S. pushed very hard for it ... it could become very, very dangerous to the lives of babies and to the lives, and to marriage.”

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