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Study Finds Global Acceptance Of Homosexuality And Gay Rights Is Rising

A new study conducted by the NORC of the University of Chicago and the Wiliams Institute at the UCLA School of Law shows global acceptance of homosexuality increased over the last two decades in a release posted on the Williams Institute website. The results were released Nov. 7 in Washington D.C. during a meeting regarding LGBT rights, global stigma and economic growth.

WI-LOGO-NEW-330x170Around 90 percent of residents in the countries that were surveyed became more accepting of homosexuality over the span of 20 years. The study reviewed responses to 2000 survey questions asked in hundreds of surveys about general attitudes toward gays and lesbians between 1981 and the present. The Director of International Programs at the Williams Institute, Andrew Park, commented on the study.

Said Park:

"Available research on global public acceptance of lesbians and gay men is limited. This study shows a clear trend toward increasing acceptance across the globe."

Norc-330x80Findings show that women are generally more accepting than men of gays and lesbians, and younger people below the age of 30 are more accepting of homosexuality than those that are 65 and older, and tend to remain supportive as they age.

The highest rate of acceptance is in the Northwestern countries of Europe with an acceptance rate of 91 percent and the lowest rate of acceptance is in the African country of Ghana with a measely 2 percent. Surprisingly, the study listed the U.S., the majority of African and Muslim countries as some of the most accepting countries of homosexuality however, most African countries that were surveyed ranked in the bottom third of all the other countries in the world in regards to their level of acceptance of lesbian and gay people.

With new, even harsher anti-gay laws proposed in Uganda, and transphobic attacks still occurring in the U.S. with limited hate crime law protections, serves as a reminder that attitudes may be changing, but the fight for civil rights and protections is far from over.

The complete report on the study is available on the Williams Institute website.

Can Science Erase Your Bad Memories? - VIDEO


Bad break-ups, traumatic events, that one time you forgot to clear your incognito browser window before opening your laptop in public the next day. We all likely have events in our past we'd much rather forget, but can science really erase specific memories or is it all permanently stamped into our brain?

ASAPScience investigates, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Your Brain On MDMA: VIDEO

Your Brain on MDMA
So what exactly is going on when you're rolling on Molly? Most folks know that MDMA induces a massive serotonin dump in the brain, resulting in the blissed out state of love and happiness, but the folks at AsapScience dig a bit deeper into the chemistry that goes on, including the benefits and the drawbacks.

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The Scientifically Accurate Guide to Space Battles: VIDEO


Turn back now if you still cling to hope that Star Wars will one day become science, rather than just science fiction as It's Okay to Be Smart's Joe Hanson picks apart Hollywood's flashy, but scientifically inaccurate space battle staples. 


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CDC Launches 'HIV Treatment Works' Campaign: VIDEO


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun a video campaign titled "HIV Treatment Works." Their goal? Encourage and support people living with HIV to do just that, keep living a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

The CDC reports:

More than 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV. This campaign features people from across the United States who are living with HIV talking about how sticking with care and treatment helps them stay healthy, protect others, and live longer, healthier lives.

This campaign shows how people living with HIV have overcome barriers to get in care and stay on treatment. On this website, you will find information encouraging people living with HIV to get in care and stay on treatment, as well as resources on how to live well.

The CDC website has a series of videos chronicling a wide array of Americans living with HIV as well as an HIV testing location finder and a list of other resources.

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The Great Paper Towel vs Hand Dryer Debate Has Finally Been Settled: VIDEO


Since the dawn of internal plumbing, mankind has struggled between the two opposing methods of hand drying: paper towel and hand dryer. Which is more hygienic and clean? Which is better for the environment? No one knew...

Thankfully, the guys over at ASAPScience have settled the debate once and for all - meaning you can rest easy knowing you can make an informed decision next time you need to pee. 

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