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ASAPScience Reveals The Culprits Behind Earth’s Next Mass Extinction: VIDEO

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The brilliant minds behind ASAPScience take us through a detailed journey of our planet’s major extinction events, explaining the processes that led to mass extinctions and the emergence of new species out of those extinctions. Although the intervals between extinctions are typically millions of years and follow a similar pattern, it appears the sixth one is approaching quickly at an alarming rate. And it doesn’t take much to figure out the cause behind this accelerated sixth event.

Check out the six craziest extinctions ever, AFTER THE JUMP


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FDA Approves New Pill Combo Treatment For HIV Patients

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.15.05 AMThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new tool in the fight against HIV with a two once-daily, fixed dose combination of pills utilizing previously approved single drugs Evotaz and Prezcobix reports The combination of the protease inhibitor darunavir and boosting agent cobicistat, which raises the level of other antiretroviral drugs in the bloodstream, is what creates Prezcobix. Karen Tashima, a professor of medicine in infectious diseases with Brown University and one of the key lead investigators in a study that led to Prezcobix’s approval, explained the relevance of this new development.

Said Tashima:

"This approval gives physicians the option of a Darunavir-based, fixed-dose combination tablet to treat adults living with the HIV-1 infection, which can help reduce the number of pills in their overall treatment regimen. Additional options remain an important medical priority to meet the diverse needs of those living with and managing this disease."

Evotaz assists in boosting Prezcobix's effectiveness, performing well in a 602-patient clinical trial with sustained effectiveness and safety over a 48-week period. Although a functional cure for the infectious disease is still being researched, several preventative and new treatment methods are steadily developing including a new discovery of a rarely occurring antibody produced within the body of HIV positive people, called 3BNC117, that reduces viral loads without the help of antiretroviral drugs. Early tests have shown that a single injection of the antibody into positive patients' (those who don't produce the rare antibody) dramatically decreased their viral loads and remained low for 28 days.

'Science Never Goes Out of Style' with This Taylor Swift Anthem from the ASAP Science Guys: VIDEO


Greg and Mitch, the guys behind our favorite dry erase board science animations, have heard that you've been out and about making fun of nerds.

So, taking a cue from Pentatonix this week, they've put on their lab coats and are celebrating their passion with a Taylor Swift a cappella number meant to disprove all those who just don't think science is cool.



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Typo of the Day: BBC Reports on Restart of the 'Hardon Collider' - VIDEO


The Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was restarted over the weekend, and the BBC's chyron writer's excitement gave the world's largest atom smasher a whole new meaning.

Considering that the purpose of the long-term experiment is to recreate the conditions that existed moments after the Big Bang, perhaps "hardon collider" is what it should have been called in the first place.


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Student Discovers His Engineering Lecturer Is An Italian Male Model: Photos


Let’s talk about engineering.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 06.51.21Pietro Boselli is a teaching assistant and mathematical modeling lecturer at University College London. He’s also a ridiculously attractive male model who got his start in the fashion industry working with Giorgio Armani at the age of six.

Earlier this year one of Boselli’s students stumbled upon Boselli’s Instagram account whilst in class and soon realized that the man responsible for making him an engineer was also an in-demand high-fashion model.

The 26 year-old Italian's academic achievements belie the assumptions that one typically makes when thinking about models. Not only does Boselli holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (with honors,) but he graduated with distinction and a specialization in computational design.

Perhaps you’re on the fence about picking up a copy of Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems; we understand. Then again, Boselli might just be able to convince you to reconsider giving STEM a second chance.

Check out a selection of his Instagram shots AFTER THE JUMP...

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Richard Dawkins Answers 'How Does Evolution Explain Homosexuality?' - VIDEO


In honor of Darwin Day, celebrating Charles Darwin’s contributions to evolutionary theory, reputed evolutionary biologist and ethologist Richard Dawkins fielded a question regarding how evolution explains homosexuality. Dawkins elaborated on homosexuality’s role in natural selection and how the homosexual gene has continued to survive and pass on to future generations despite the rules of natural selection with some tantalizing hypotheses.

Watch Dawkins explain his hypotheses, including one regarding homosexual male societal roles within hunter-gatherer societies, AFTER THE JUMP

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