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Alesso's Armani Briefs Have Something to Say: VIDEO


Today, The Underwear Expert shares a new set of photos with Towleroad featuring Alesso, a 24-year-old New Yorker from San Benedetto Del Tronto in Abruzzi Italy who works as a fit model for JC Penney and is shot here by Lewis & Marshall.

"I own a lot of Emporio Armani briefs," he said when asked about his underwear in this series. "Aside from the quality and look, it says something in the bedroom when you're wearing them."  What does it say?

Sound off in the comments, and enjoy a companion video featuring the song "Noisy Sunday" by Patrick Watson, AFTER THE JUMP...

Alesso-Emporio-Armani-Briefs5 Alesso-Emporio-Armani-Briefs3

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A Brief Encounter with Steven Dehler: PHOTOS


Today, The Underwear Expert is sharing one of its favorite model/photographer pairings with Towleroad.

Paul Boulon shoots six-foot model Steven Dehler in a variety of Marco Marco underwear including briefs and square cut trunks with Venice Beach, California as a background. Dehler, who is out and proud, has modeled for Timoteo, Andrew Christian and Freedom Reigns but he tells The Underwear Expert he'd rather be commando: "..honestly, I’m not wearing underwear unless I am dancing in it or modeling in it."

Writes Boulon of the shoot: "I'm not drawn to him, I just live with him so that's why I shoot him a lot. And he's beautiful. He shoots easily and knows his body so it makes well for a perfect shoot."

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Cristiano Ronaldo Helps Out Male Hug-Fan, Drops Pants for New Underwear Line: VIDEO


You may recall that back in August, a football fan invaded the pitch in Miami to give Cristiano Ronaldo a long hug and whisper in his ear during the International Champions Cup final. Ronaldo, despite what could have been a dangerous situation, acted graciously.

The fan, an Albanian, was charged with trespass and disorderly conduct and is now threatened with deportation and expulsion from college if the charges are upheld.

Ronaldo has gone out of his way and written a letter to Miami's District Attorney asking for the charges to be dropped, Yahoo Sports reports:

"I understand your position and the importance of enforcing rules and law," Ronaldo wrote in a letter to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. "However, I respectfully request that you and your office reconsider this decision and dismiss the two criminal charges this young man faces."

In other Ronaldo news, he's making a splash this week by coming for David Beckham's underwear business with a new line of his own, designed in collaboration with New York-based designer Richard Chai.

Watch an interview with Chai, some more images from the campaign, and the hug video,


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Do You Miss Your Papi's Bone? — VIDEO


A little Friday morning distraction for you via The Underwear Expert.



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Underwear Gets Better with Terry Miller: PHOTOS


Back in April we noted that Terry Miller, Dan Savage's husband and co-founder of the 'It Gets Better' project, was stepping out in briefs as an underwear model. Today, the Underwear Expert shares with Towleroad a few new fruits of that endeavor in the form of a misty photo editorial with photographer Wadley.

Check out two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Fashion Designer Protests Russia's Anti-Gay Laws with Hot Guys and Boxer Shorts: VIDEO


Belgian fashion designer Kristof Buntinx has a Russian protest of his own in the works, featuring a set of boxer shorts and a set of willing models.

Watch his video, AFTER THE JUMP...

He writes: 2_buntinx

I am often on Facebook, as are virtually all young people and I was struck by the short films on the Internet of pestered and hassled young gays in Russia. At first I did not find it so serious that Putin is against homosexuals. That is everyone’s choice. I too do not want to love everyone. I decide for myself what my preferences are and with whom I want to hang around. But on seeing these films I felt sickened and I was disgusted. It is too much. If you do not like the fact that I am homosexual, I can learn to live with it. But to humiliate, attack and torture people is really going too far. I myself was always pestered and hit as a child at school. First as the young son of the teacher and after that because I was the queer of the class, I was the stereotype of a soft gay teenager. I had a barren youth as a result. There were however some people who sided with me and I still know who those people were and I am thankful for it.

Hence this campaign.

I myself have set to work with my graphic designer and I have made 17 patterns of Russian symbols and motifs for the creation of a collection of boxer shorts.

Buntinx says he plans to make a Russian gay calendar with the photos and wants to collaborate with the LGBT organization Cavaria in Brussels.

No word on how sales from his fashion campaign, 'To Russia with Love', will benefit oppressed LGBT people in Russia.

Watch his video, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via the underwear expert)

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